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Download: How to Access your Dormant DNA Part 2

Hello Warriors, 

Today I will share a download that I had about the womb of creation and how we can use our body to align with our true power. This post is the part 2. Read part 1 here

A few days ago I was processing some things so I was doing an inner child work about my behavior when I am with other people and it turned out that since childhood I didn't know how to act human enough..and kept this awkwardness until now :) Some of you might relate to this.

Long story short, I was stack between not knowing how to express the physical aspect of me of how I am in my mind and heart out to the world because as an empath I feel other peoples emotions and thoughts which makes me hesitant to talk so I kind of push them away.

 I didn't know how to create how I wanted to be seen in my reality, there was a block between the space of me having to perceive how I am been perceived and knowing how it felt so far, I didn't know what actions to take to overcome it.

Living in my mind is like a timeless thing, so adding time to express myself outwards takes courage and practice. For this reason my spirit guides had to jump in and help. After doing the inner child work we had to remove the energetic block from my body and after doing so I was guided to share this so that you can do it too if you are interested.

As I shared in my 2 previous blog posts, I am being guided on how to access the dormant DNA and how to clear energetic blockages physically from the body and mind by processing things and share the practical downloads on how to do it to assist others.

The first thing that you must do before anything else is to protect your space by claiming your sovereignty using specific muntras as I was taught by my guides.  In this way you can call forward your teams, your higher selves both light and night, spirit guides and med team to assist you as one. Click here to find out how to do this:

So Here's how to remove energetic blockages from the body:
  1. Squeeze the belly button and the area around it. The belly button is related to your bloodline. You represent the more evolved version of your generation. Find the right pressure point on the intestines (more info about this here).
    Forming 2 triangles (see photo no 1) from the 3rd chakra to the second.
  2. Then taking both the right and the left side of the ribs area with hands together merging the two sides into one in the heart, holding both hands together forming a fist (see photo no 2).
  3. Then forming the same triangles from the 3rd chakra to the 4th.
  4. Then moving up the centre of the spine to the chest and neck area.
  5. Move the stagnancy from the scalp to the crown chakra up your hair and out forming a triangle on top of your head (see picture no 3).
  6. Then moving your hands to open the triangle to your sides like holding them reigns. This action is translated to the non physical as claiming your sovereignty. Being in control of your reality as a creator. Being in control of your vessel of the womb of your physical creation in alignment with the womb within. Within that you come from and without that you participate and co-create with.

We are the womb in a womb of a womb. We are the storm and the lightning. In fact the those adjust our personal and collective timelines. In this creation there is time and space and time-space exists in space-time. We are the sun the clouds, the water, the fire, the air, the ether, the plasma, the matter and the antimatter. All is one experiencing it's own experience in a world of experiences and infinite possibilities that started from an idea. We are creation in motion, in emotion. From the one as one.

We are like a womb in creation. While I write this, I see it in my mind's eye like a baby in a womb and inside of that baby is another womb that contains this universe, this galaxy, us. And we all have our womb which is the heart. There are two worlds, the feeling of that of the womb in the heart as the first dominant presence and the secondary feeling of this creation, the physical reality, us in the here and now, the body. One presence that lives within and the other one is writing this post.

This is the time in space where these two worlds are merging together bridging as one consciously.
When we become aware of the I AM, as the force that creates our own individual womb-heart experience of physical reality, our biochemistry changes.

The DNA is quantum.
If we focus only on our minds, we usually create chaos, stress, distortions, confusion, destructive patterns and behaviors. But we have the power to use our focus intentionally by being aware of our body as an instrument, breathing into the womb, opening up the heart fields, being in harmony, grounded in our body, in piece, from within the breath, feeling the oneness with the womb of creation.

We breath as one, we vibrate as one with the higher realms of creation.
We are claiming back our sovereignty from the mind mechanisms that kept the consciousness of the planet in a state of conflict and separateness.

More and more people now awaken and want to step into this power, remembering who they trully are. This is a new wave of change that is happening in this now and it has just began.The new is upon us.
More details about DNA and 2020 Activations:

Allow yourselves to feel this by breathing like you are the womb in a womb, connected to all that is, that loves you, supports you unconditionally sustains your existence. You are safe to open up your heart fields to surrender to love, trusting fully in the Self.
Claim your sovereignty your space.

Here's a video by Rion DeRouen that explains in detail about higher selves and their functions. 

You are responsible for allowing and trusting the space for communication between you and your higher selves. There's free will, If you do not request contact they are not allowed to intervene. 
You can build a strong relationship between you and them. In time they will train and assist you further on activating more strands of dormant DNA. You will get trained on how the inner DNA that you are and have, and the outer that you are and do, take part in co-creation.

We claim our sovereignty and create as the womb by holding them reigns, by using our vessel, the muntras & visualization as one, in alignment with the womb as the womb from within our vehicle-body.
And so then the higher selves can start interacting with us in a more advanced way, building a relationship of contact – training on how we can use our body, our power, our DNA, our thoughts, our actions as one. As one self, as one planet, as one cell. Unity consciousness. Womb of creation.

When the way you perceive yourself perceiving itself changes, the outer world changes as well.
 It has no reason or power to be something else. You are the womb that you are & create from. 

Your higher aspects are here to remind & guide you how to assist in your dna activation by:
breathing right
eating right
thinking right
flowing right in the body
creating right
being present & grounded
being in harmony with the inner and outer
sovereign, free, whole.

It is safe for you to create, to express, to claim your sovereignty from your mind.
You are safe to be, to let go, to surrender in your body and allow your presence, 
your dna, your heart to to open up from within yourself.
From within the body that you have and the womb that you are.
 And so the outside is safe too because you are
 the IAM.

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Thank you :)

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Andriana is the founder of Conscious Alignment & Co-Founder of Team Light Cyprus. 
Her purpose and passion is giving people the tools, guidance & inspiration for creating an empowered version of themselves in all aspects of life. She is dedicated into assisting, healing & activating people by sharing her gifts through authenticity, simplicity & spiritual mastery.

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  1. Kalimera Andriana,
    I lived and worked in Nicosia long time ago, and Cyprus is really beautiful with lots of history. At the moment I am reading an interesting book "A Course in Mastering Alchemy", by Jim Self. Parts of your article resonates with that book. I will try to read all your articles.