Friday, 11 October 2019

10/10 Download |How to access your dormant DNA

Hello Warriors, 

Today I am going to share a download that I received on the 10/10 portal of 2019.I was shown how to connect to the physical body, to allow the light body to open up and start accessing my own dormant DNA.

If you want to know how to tune into your body's frequency and how to access the information that is stored there keep on reading.

 It might seem complicated but it's really not. If you think about everything that we eat gets sent to our intestines to be purged out.What was shown to me was that the solar plexus chakra is where emotional memories are stored. I knew this in theory but it was explained to me in detail. It is emotionally associated with self-confidence, happiness and joy. A healthy solar plexus chakra will help us feel strong in personal power and creator state beingness.

Everyday, we store information of what we are processing during the day, in our intestines and we record everything that took place during our interactions with other people. The reason why we can have access to this coding is to learn how to use our physical vessel in a more advanced manner. We can learn/remember how to read what we create in our reality. We can read every detail of people's realities that we have stored in our body, to process it later if we wish to. Based on what imprint they left in us, we can then see what definitions and thought-forms we or they hold about what took place.

After seeing-feeling this I was shown the way to clear my own chakras and move any stagnant energy from throughout my day into my intestines to be released. There are specific muntras that can be done for each of them to clear and spin. After this my team explained that these symbols have been used by the secret societies to call forth entities to enter people's bodies. After asking why I was given this information, my team explained that some people have fear of these types of practices and that it is important to know that not all healers are healers. Practice discernment when allowing another person to use your chakras. 

After the clearing my team reminded me through my heart that it's deeply safe to be in my body. What they mean by this is that I am fully safe to open up my fields and access these type of information even when people are around. We can create anything we want when we learn how to use the body like it was created to be used before the different agendas made us forget. Remember how to use the DNA. The stored information that you have and ARE. 

The etheric processing, analyzing and reading of your own frequency will start to activate your ability to do this for other people too. This is a form of communication with your higher selves and teams where they teach and train you how to access more information than the information that you are used to. Personally this was one of my skillsets that I had when I was a child and it just started activating. I slowly start to remember more and more of what I am capable of doing which makes me very happy.

This accessing of information can be defined as a way of entering dimensions while being in the physical body. To connect to the higher realms you first need to breath and release literally all density from around your heart center. With deep breaths your body will start to enter a theta wave state. This is the state you are naturally entering right before you fall asleep at night right before leaving the physical body and entering the dream world. 

Create a space for exploration and interaction. This is like the second step after mastering the art of meditation. After relaxing start to feel the body, the breath, the temperature of your body, touch your heart, your chakras with your palms, tune in, feel what is there to be processed.

A simple reminder for me was to keep doing the intermittent fasting that I do because it personally helps me to have more control over my mind and of how I feel when I'm fasting. It helps me to clear what doesn't belong (like attachments etc) and allow my body to detox naturally. Being disciplined in eating right and at the same time being compassionate and loving with my body helps me to have a deeper connection with my DNA.

Lastly, my team shared that it will be best to keep stretching the body to help it break down the fibers of old structures within the cells and form new ones that help the body to hold-store more light codes in the blood stream. And to truly feel my body, to spend time grounding in it. We spend most of our time in our heads overthinking over-analyzing things and this steals time from being present, silent, receptive and in tune with all that we are. Don't feel weird to touch your belly, your heart your head, the roots of your hair...massage your head, your neck, your back..Every cell has its own stored information, its own memory. Help it to release the junk old stuff moving it to the intestines to be released.

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Andriana is the founder of Conscious Alignment & Co-Founder of Team Light Cyprus. 
Her purpose and passion is giving people the tools, guidance & inspiration for creating an empowered version of themselves in all aspects of life. She is dedicated into assisting, healing & activating people by sharing her gifts through authenticity, simplicity & spiritual mastery.


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