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Cosmic Climax July 2016 | Zero Point

Hello Warriors

July is a really important month. Our full attention is needed. It's time to go within, find peace and experience silence, connect with our heart and activate our light-body. 

I've written this article to help you focus and give you some guidelines.
We are all unsure how to proceed in life but we learn in the process. We are asked to become present in each moment and feel our presence within the creation of all things. The air, the sun the rain, the wind the smells and feelings that come with each sound. All is you. Everything is moving, everything is alive and everything is vibrating. You exist within yourself. That's why you talk to the voice inside your mind. This voice is you. 

Here's what helped me and I hope it helps you as well.

Ask yourself, your inner voice. Speak to your own guidance:

Am I improving?
Where can I improve? How and what steps am I willing to make?

What do I feel like doing?

What would interest my spirit?
What do I like doing? etc

Take notes and write down what comes to your mind.
''I can improve in:
Listening more
speaking less 
complaining less
observe people talking without interfering, etc.

Let information flow in and out without placing any attachments on them. I can observe my inner voice. Observe my thoughts. Observe my thought patterns. Go within.

Every morning when you wake up, open the windows, breath feeling the breath with your eyes closed, smile from gratitude for what you have. Let the reality play out but just observe it without attachment. Do what you have to do, be active and loving, smile be grateful, be in a positive state of mind and just let this radiate out. If you can't avoid certain people just change the way you identify in your mind each situation. Just be yourself and let things unfold.
Observe yourself, your surroundings, be in the moment.
Offer your services but always bring the awareness back to yourself.
 If you feel like the energies around you make it too hard for you to handle just visualise that your auric field has a skin that is so thick that cannot let anything interfere. Observe and feel within, visualise within, be your protection.

Ask your inner voice:
Why does this situation make me have a negative reaction?
What needs of mine weren't met? What part of myself needs attention? Love?
Am I subconsciously seeking validation from external sources rather than myself?
Why do other perspectives matter to me more than mine? Where can I improve? Am I confident? What steps should I follow? Who is my inspiration? How do successful people act?

Make some time for yourself. Sit still long enough to become present with this energy and work to transmute it in a higher vibration of love and light. This is what needs to be done.
Heal yourself in all areas. It has nothing to do with anyone else.
It's only YOU no matter what is happening.

You can also ask yourself other questions about anything that you feel like saying.

Questions like:
Hey how do you feel today?
What do you want today?
Take time to listen.
Your inner voice speaks through every part of your body.

Be an expression of your inner world. Your voice matters.
It speaks to you about the people that you meet, about your experiences in life.

Be more conscious, set it as a goal  every day to Stop and reflect.
What do you feel about your feelings?
What is your perspective about yourself?
What steps can you make to improve the image that you have about you?

Take a deep breath.
Lose fear.
Trust in all this.
It's the process of allowing yourself to express.

How am I handling life?
Where am I speeding all of my time and energy?
What is the most important thing for me?

Usually our surroundings are out of sync because it's the way to show us in what vibration we are in. Is your attention going from external to internal or is it going from internal to external? We must start from ourselves first.

Just be. Be in the present moment wanting nothing. Appreciating everything! Being everything.
This shows to the universe that you have the desire to to receive of more things that make you feel so grateful for them. I am ready to receive the good vibes.
I am creating good vibes. I am so grateful that everything is working out for me.
Keep expressing what you love.

Love is the Highest vibration of the universe. I am that. I am aware.
Love yourself with all your heart mind and soul.
This God that we are supposed to be in love with is thyself.
Start acting like one. Realise who you are. Get busy working on you.
Make your quantum leap NOW.

Face yourself even if it feels uncomfortable at the beginning.
Clear out the old energies. See what is happening.
The old world is passing away. Move with it, exercise, run.
Go forward now and make every moment like the last day of your life. Be the Master that you are!
Make yourself the best you can be.
This is not ego or narcism.

This is Divine, Healthy and it means Self respect.

Start doing what you love rather than what you hate.
What are you waiting for?

Stop judging everything and everyone.
Remove all the labels.
Remove your focus from the outside and bring your awareness back inside.

You are simply the observer of it all.
Don't get your energy tangled up in drama and trauma.
When you give it attention it expands.
Stop distracting yourself.
Never expect any other being to do anything because this is interfering with their own free will and this is a form of control. You are subconsciously stealing their energy.

Start doing the Inner Work and Discipline and master yourself to be still and strong in the middle of this storm. For this is how you fly above it and transcend it all. When you stop wasting your chi-prana,
you bold it up on your body in your star core.
Keep unhealed people out of your space.
Start recreating your sacred space.
Take inventory of who you are connected to.
Online and offline.
Gain control of your personal life force.
Treat yourself with the highest love, like you would with a child.
Respect your Mind, Body and Soul.

"You have no business measuring yourself against others.
You have no business comparing yourself to other people.
What anyone else thinks of you, is also, none of your business.
Your business is about, Being YOURSELF as fully as you can.
That's your Purpose in Life!" - Bashar

Grand Climax 2016

Use this energy first for yourself. As you do this, you create new pathways for consciousness to explore as you pull the energy into your body. No world is necessary.

I am the connecting bridge of heaven to earth. I am bringing the light into a world where I am expanding to a higher frequency
where infinite quantum possibilities can be caused with ZERO energy effort.
 Bring in creative cosmic rays that penetrate my body to broadcast these out.
No fear exists in Love.

Do things that are fun for you.
Get away from your phone and electronics.
Talk to strangers.
Follow your excitement.
Do new things just for the joy of it.
Re own your inner authority!
Give yourself permission to discover who you are today.
The new you is emerging. Let go of the need to be right.
You are worthy. Forgive yourself.
Get organised and clean out the past and your home.

(please watch this video:

I have the power and the ability to turn my dreams (any dreams) into reality.
I am successful in whatever I do.
I am the motivation of myself.
All is well and I can feel it.
I recognise my talents gifts and abilities.
I know my values and desires.
I am always believing that what I do will bring the best outcome for me.
I have the attitude of my successful self.
I recognise the powerful energies of desire & intention. 
I am in my own personal power.

''Human beings are divine beings existing in multiple dimensions simultaneously. Humans reincarnate into biochemical plasma, into gravity and the single solar paradigm, until expanding consciousness to vibrate beyond the 3-D light field. You are part of the OverSelf of Light. Out of the OverSelf, all chemical cells arise and return to be recalibrated and reprojected depending on assignment of the Higher Mind based on frequency and vibration.''

Ask yourself what is most important to you, then have the courage to create your life around it. Do not fear changing paths or paving a new one if feeling guided to do so. When you live your life from a place that reflects who you truly are, the energies of the Universe come together to assist you.

Enjoy the energies!

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Hello, my name is Andriana Papacharalambous. I’m a member of the 144000 living in a human suit. I am a Freelance Journalist - Vegan food Blogger, Author, Transformational Coach, Intuitive writer -Spiritual Teacher, Freelance Vocalist & Earth Activist. I have a passion for truth, knowledge, the earth, health, getting back to our roots and embracing our potential and consciousness as a species. I'm a warrior of light and as a light worker and master teacher, my mission is to enlighten the genetic code of humanity and raise the God consciousness on Gaia, by evolving and sharing my knowledge with as many people as possible. My vision is to create a better planet for future generations.

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