Thursday, 1 December 2016

Energy update: Evolution = Time VS Intensity

Hello Warriors, 

During the summer holidays I had a small accident that required me to stay still for weeks. Since my last post, humanity have received so much light energy that things really changed in my mind and therefore in my reality. Everything happened so divinely perfect that I was left astonished. I needed healing and a lot of time by myself to integrate and to get to know me. It was clear to me that I had to stop everything and reflect by just letting silence do its job.

I'm still in pain, my body asks for more healing in specific aspects of my inner child. This situation made me pause from my daily 'routine' and find inspiration in a new activities.

 I started writing my first vegan cookbook. At the same time I was receiving guidance from my higher self about my spiritual journey.
My memory was somehow renewed with new light codes and what used to block or depress me felt like a past life! Now all I want to do is express my self through every way possible and unleash my full potential whatever thins means.  I'm planning to start making video blogs and youtube videos about thing that inspire me whenever I feel the need to do so, so feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel. I want to promote self love because it makes me happy and fulfilled and it helps me be consistent. 

What I've learned so far is that we've never been trained to be with ourselves and this is the time to do so. Even when we were kids we were crying for attention and we never had the chance to fully embrace our 'soft spots'. 
Being with yourself helps you become yourself and by becoming yourself, a new cycle, a new way of being is unfolding in you. 

''Love, self love is a state of being.
Is it more like stating -- I exist.
You can be "in" love, almost in the same way you tune into a radio station. You need to find the right frequency. But the music of love is actually always just there, "in the air" waiting for you to tune in.

To be "out" of love, means you were absent, you were just not there. When coming out of being fully angry or depressed we usually say - "I don't know what came over me, I was "out" of myself". That's exactly it. To be "in" love, means to stay in your centre, make no effort, no motion, no change. Full acceptance of who and what you are. Any attempt to move toward change, being more of this or less of that is nothing more than turning the knob away from your centre. Love isn't a feeling. It's not something that comes and goes. It has no beginning and no end. What shifts, what changes, is your perception or capacity to accept yourself fully. The more present, in acceptance you are, the more love is suddenly there.
When you'll be willing to meet the ultimate love of your life, you'll realise you have been there all along.''
Our memories return energetically, our physical body merges all of our aspects in your ever-evolving re-configuring and re-calibrating physical form.
Separation and polarity fades away for we've moved into a higher realm of existence where all is ONE!

We can still see it out there,  a part of the illusion that wants love and peace is faced with extreme depression until reaching the point of a heart crack where the heart literally opens. A heart that has now been transformed, transcended all from within and unified back into the purity of love. Divine pure unconditional love for life.

Sometimes we open a portal, a gateway, a door and we hold it open while we go and do our own Light Contributions for Humanity.

Every person has its own soul contract there there rare exactly where they need to be for their personal evolution. Let things be as they are and embrace every feeling that may arise from within, give it the highest form of love and respect without any judgment and feel the peace and serenity in your heart.

Let's observe our emotions, our perceptions, judgments, mentalities and beliefs.
We've been watching others project huge lately, all their hate (which equals hurt), lashing out at others.
The intensity is going to increase, substantially with new higher galactic and deeper sacred activations occurring in every moment now.

The dods are connecting. Individuals will start to have total awareness and honour for their own self as we enter this paramount phase LOVE is returning, PURITY is returning, PROFOUND SACRED everything is returning, yet for this to occur, everything that is not this will be triggered for a cellular release. Each can do this consciously, through mindfulness, compassion and understanding through the heart and soul.

The anger, resentment, blame and desperation of those who do not yet understand, still compromise and have yet to put their own soul before all else is now emerging in the masses as physical realities move into eminent and mass collapse, the human aspect lashes out more, needing a focal point for their unresolved hurt and pain.
 AFTER the release, after sleep to integrate and clear, after their new awareness comes through for them, things will shift.

As light keepers of the NEW Earth, we hold the POWER, the WISDOM and the LOVE to hold our space, fully anchored inside of our body, fully conscious, fully aware.  Holding this space is easily, unless we shrink down to our own limited human aspect. So let's ease the mind again de-clatter, rearrange our mindset to pay attention and observe. 

MORE love comes AFTER all the other stuff is allowed to clear up. 
Confusion and lost is the space all move through for new clarity to emerge from within. This polarising plasma energy that we are experiencing is weaving through every itty bitty particle as gravitational alignments continuously occur.

Microcosm-Macrocosm: Heaven on Earth means going through Hell and realising it was all inside of us and it materialises in the physical magically as we do.


Our physical body is activating huge amounts of pure source light, yet not all are aware of this. Be patient, focus on your journey and be ready to share and assist when it's appropriate. Take care not to project or impose on others, for that is of the old.
These higher cosmic sequences and codes, require the physical body to transform at at much higher pace than before. Alone time and sleep helps a lot and time in nature with those who raise your vibration and inspire you to be your core self in a must now.

Honour that which is brought to you to experience and decide if it is productive and supporting your process in the highest frequency. The anchoring of your soul in your physical body is a profoundly sacred process that is intricate and simple all at the same time. None of this need be complicated, unless you make it so.Your physical body knows what you need to do and it will show you, guide you, speak to you if you are open to listening and honouring all from within your heart. You will feel it and hear it through your own inner voice. Listen, for in the silence clarity comes through to guide you in the direction of your own soul's journey.
Merging aspects changes your DNA, opens neural pathways, activates light energy to run through your body at an exponential rate. The separation of time ceases to exist and all is available in the never-ending-present moment.
Jumping and shifting timelines is a normal part of your process as a Quantum Light being here.

 As we collapse the separation within us and clear the old programs in our waking and sleep state, we shift to a completely different timeline where the more light we hold, the more timelines collapse naturally and the more we re-member. When things speed up, we adjust accordingly. We have the capability to function outside the constraints of human linear time, for we are no longer linear when we function vibrationally again. As our vibration increases, we can step in and out of timelines, create parallels intentionally and collapse entire timelines in a nano-second. This is but one of our Mastery Skills by being Light Keepers of the new Earth.

So let's utilise every gift, every precious opportunity to anchor these magnificent dreams into our physical reality. What we do for one we do for all for the NEW collective is NEW earth.
When our heart is wide open and we are existing as your soul, NEW Earth is visible all around us. Just open your eyes and expect to experience the magic in your relationships with people and animals. At first it is simple and it expands. Everything does and it all comes from inside of us. ♥

Do you need some guidelines?

Think About:

What makes you special? 
What do you excel at? 
What do people compliment you on? 
What are you really good at?
What inspires you and makes you excited?
What are some dreams, goals and targets that make you jump out of bed?
What do you care about and why?
What brings a sense of meaning and fulfilment to your life? What matters most to you? 
How do you want others to remember you?
What in your life is most important to you?
What are your personal desires?
How can you contribute to the greater good of mankind? 
What is your personal mission? 
What do you want to spend your time on?

''The long & futile battle of light & dark has left her exhausted.
 She’s accepting both light & dark as the inherent gifts of the universe. She’s not in a duelling match with them.
 The light no longer wishes to ‘reform’ her dark, and her dark no longer wants to ‘control’ the light. She’s stopped playing the duality game.She’s not being fooled into buying the teaching that there’s something wrong with her that needs fixing, or that she’s got work to do before she’s finally ‘good’. Her divinity is in fully embracing her humanity. All of it. So where’s the imperfection?
The myth that one day light will vanquish the dark and there will be peace would have kept her exhausted & imprisoned. And in the power of the ones who made her believe it. She’s deciding to be at peace right now! Even the light and dark within her are sitting at peace with each other. Game is over now. What she’s experiencing in the ceasing of war is an unbelievable tranquillity & peace. She’s relaxing into her own wisdom everyday.
Her dark is the womb of things.'' ~Sukhvinder Sircar

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Hello, my name is Andriana Papacharalambous. I’m a member of the 144000 living in a human suit. I am a Freelance Journalist - Vegan food Blogger, Author, Transformational Coach, Intuitive writer -Spiritual Teacher, Freelance Vocalist & Earth Activist. I have a passion for truth, knowledge, the earth, health, getting back to our roots and embracing our potential and consciousness as a species. I'm a warrior of light and as a light worker and master teacher, my mission is to enlighten the genetic code of humanity and raise the God consciousness on Gaia, by evolving and sharing my knowledge with as many people as possible. My vision is to create a better planet for future generations.

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