Monday, 14 September 2020

Alchemy, Hybrid DNA & Human Immortality

 Hello warriors, 

Today I want to talk about Alchemy, Healing, Hybrid DNA and human immortality.

I have recently become aware of new-to-me sources of information, that helped me to come full circle in the field of alchemical healing through the guidance of my higher aspects in relation to the previous channeled posts that I shared. 

In my previous posts I shared many forms of healing downloads whereas now I was guided to a more physical way to prove through scientific sources what my higher selves wanted me to share and express. I was guided to Greek, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, as well as medical astrology that shed more light into my alchemical research.

If you are not familiar with what I am talking about, let me begin with the following information.

Alchemy and Healing

To primitive man, the ability to heal and cure disease seemed to be magical, even mi
raculous. Greek mythology is full of symbolic legends and allegories explaining the nature and origins of the art of healing. Most medical historians now agree that the main source of medical knowledge that the ancient Greeks drew upon came from Egypt, whose civilization was already old and well-established as the Golden Age of classical Greece was dawning. Alchemy provides us with the wisdom and practical method to transmute and transform not only the body, but mind and soul. Everything is connected.

The alchemical tradition in Greek Medicine is based on Hermetic philosophy, which was founded by the Egyptian philosopher Hermes Trimegistus. The guiding principle of Hermetic philosophy is, "As above, so below; as within, so without." In its overall form, structure and composition, the microcosm of the human body reflects the macrocosm of Nature. Disease and dysfunction arise when the microcosm of the human body gets out of balance with the macrocosm of Nature; healing consists of bringing the microcosm of the human body back into balance with the macrocosm of Nature.

Hermetic philosophy also underlies the science and practice of Medical Astrology.The planets symbolize universal life forces and processes that are active both in the macrocosm of the natural world and within the microcosm of the human body.

Being intermediaries between God, the Prime Mover, and the world of Man and Nature, the planets and signs of the zodiac deal with the pure forms, or archetypes, that underly all the changing forms and transitory phenomena of the outer world. Each planet brings up things, situations, diseases and imbalances within that are related to many parallel timelines, to be seen healed and transmuted for this higher purpose that I explain below.

Through my own journey I have experienced things that brought confusion and clarity through embodiment and application of the healing arts. Greek Medicine begins with a study of the Seven Natural Factors, which constitute the standards of health and normalcy for the human organism. When all the Seven Natural Factors are working together in a balanced, harmonious manner, there is health and homeostasis. When they aren't working together properly, there is dysfunction and disease. I began getting more into human physiology etc about a year ago while studying for my fitness instructor certification but since then things got more interesting for me. If you want to know more about greek medicine and alchemy click HERE.

Homeostasis is the key

Physical, mental and emotional hygiene brings homeostasis (a total balance of mind, body and soul alignment within the body and it’s seven natural factors) which is a gateway to the soul and mystical experiences. 

The proper balance and regulation of our emotional life is an important part of our daily hygiene. It's important not only to the health of the mind, but to the health of the body and all its internal organs. The vast majority of diseases are caused by autointoxication, fasting has wide-ranging therapeutic benefits. It also gives the digestive organs a much needed rest.The moment something changes, the body adapts to it. Not just the body but all nature. This is what ancient shamans knew well, even plants & animals learned to adapted to continue life and evolution of their species. 

To open our channel we must feel comfortable with ourselves, clean, detached, balanced and to trust the process we are in at all times. There are agreements that are starting to come through that help us align with the original blueprint of our soul and the reason we are all here, that help us resonate and open up to authenticity and freedom from within. The agreements that manifested in my life since 2017 brought up a series of events for me that began my training and embodiment for service and acceleration not only for my physical vessel but for all individuals who I interact with (physically & energetically).

About DNA Hybrids

Events and activations helped me to remember that we are borrowing the dna of our ancestors and that we are being responsible of servicing the dna of our line, so the next being who inherits our dna, to run in a better template taking them into the next level. Our dna is everywhere, everywhere we touch etc. When we leave it somewhere and it gets on to someone else it reacts because dna is quantum. If we work on our dna and getting it balanced then it charges us the people that get it. So in time we are going to be born in another reality.

In this reality-earth school, the price to be paid as a tuition fee for the lesson that are been given is pain. This is what was agreed. But there is a whole different thing that is happening behind the scenes that I find truly fascinating. If we all inherit bodies that the dna has been refined, we can finally start to more forward. To maintain balance and homeostasis there has to be an equal of giving and taking, both internal and externally.

We used to have many ways of strengthening our dna back in the day, but now we have to be our own shamans. Because our parents and grand-parents ‘’wrote’’ on our dna and we have to cleanse it, deprogram it and pay their debt. The old shamans knew how to clean the dna and the energy. Some of us are here to bring the knowledge back and assist by being the change. 

Many of us showed up here because we got reports from the galactic center saying the earth wasn’t going to make the timeline jump, so to get into this game we had to hack our way from the upper dimensions that we came from , to the lowest and in each dimension, to pick up a fractal that we had to integrate. Some of us had to go deep into darkness to pick them up..some made it out but some didn’t and have to reincarnate somewhere else. These fractals aren’t us 100% but we do this because we are here to assist not only the blood(line) that we inherited the vessel from, but also the collective timeline shift by merging ll fractals into unity consciousness thought our integration and embodiment. 

We have three bodies. The physical body, the body of mind and the body of soul, (Trinity). To bring homeostasis. To grow though the suit, learn the programming, transmute it and hack it to ascend this planet to a higher plane of existence. By activating our dormant dna and raise the roof of a world. 

This process of alchemy (integration of shadow aspects-fractals), is creating a new human hybrid made from many different polarities into one body of consciousness.

Immortality and humans

Immortality plays out if we are conscious that we go on (after death of the physical body) maintaining the memories of our pat life-lives and the lessons that from all earths incarnations. The are other mechanics connected to this but as the advanced metaphysics author Seven Bomar explained: ''In the end of this life our body, our mind and our soul that are bonded together, they come to the end of their journey, so after death, the have to decide if they are going to continue to go on or split up and erase everything.''

''The body’s synthesis gets consumed inside the ground and it turns into gas, the mind and its memories start to become synthesized and the soul turns into spirit. Body , mind soul are all different bodies married together. So if you live your life into contentment and there’s balance, in your body, your mind and your soul (homeostasis) and they didn’t get the best of you, meaning they didn’t hold you back in our journey, then there’s a question at the end, if they are going to go on together as ONE or if they are going to split apart. So you can basically get our body, mind and soul to agree to move on and continue with your memories(of all lives) creating this new form of hybrid dna.''

This is why we move in this life in a way is to balance them out to stay together into harmony-immortality. And what we do here, creates the next life, so we have to be self aware and take full responsibility of our actions. Earth is a unique experiment happening right NOW. We are responsible for our inner and outer growth, meanly, physically and spiritually. In zero point of neutrality there is unification, all and nothing. Preparing our consciousness to transition as ONE. 

I hope you found this article helpful :) If you did please share it with your friends & groups. 

Thank you for being here!

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Andriana is the founder of Conscious Alignment & Co-Founder of Team Light Cyprus. 
Her purpose and passion is giving people the tools, guidance & inspiration for creating an empowered version of themselves in all aspects of life. She is dedicated into assisting, healing & activating people by sharing her gifts through authenticity, simplicity & spiritual mastery.

Thursday, 12 March 2020

Etheric Clearing through the Body | Embodiment

Hello warriors, 

I've recently become aware of ways that I can balance my environment energetically through my body and of how to use intention to access deeper levels of awareness.

In the beginning I wasn't aware that I was doing it until later in the day when the energetic clearing synchronicity happened. My spirit guides helped me innerstand how to move stagnant energy from my environment & neighborhood by rooting deeper into my heart and moving the energy through my vessel & light-grounding during the full moon.

Here are the steps of how to do it too if you are interested:

  1. Feeling the energy of the surrounding houses as a whole, observing the feeling through perceiving & monitoring thought forms that arise. Breathing deeper into the hear centre, adjusting & clearing my field by grounding more into my body and expanding my energetic cables. Light grounding the timeline of peace, harmony, heart based blueprint by visualising the physical body in a sphere of sun. Dissolving the lesser realities of of false programming projection.
  2. Reconnecting with gaia with yoga stretches to move the stagnant energy from the nervous system, the intestines, muscles, etc. Use the clearing muntras explained on my previous post here (-How to access the dormant DNA part 2).
  3. Proceed for a water ritual (shower). When clearing the physical body in the shower start from the hair as they hold all the density of the environment around you (the collective energy loops) and of your own thought-forms. Feel the water purifying your body & removing all density down the drain. Here's another ritual to do while in the shower: 

4. After following those instructions, use shampoo to massage the roots of the hair & shaking the sculpt (''shake the roots to shake the tree'') the hair represent the roots of where the belief systems are clearing. So make sure to shampoo roots to ends and wash until you remain with a feeling of complete satisfaction that all density is gone. Apply conditioner and comb the hair with the intention of readjusting & realigning in zero point & maintaining the opening of the tube (oneness) with the higher levels of self.

5. Give extra attention to the area around, below and above the ears as well as inside. That area is in direct communication wit the brain through nerves. Check my previous article about it here (How to Clear energetic Blockages from Body and Mind). 

6. Apply shower gel from each left & right side of the body, from upper back to lower back, hips down to the legs, feet & toes, front and back organs. Soap upwards from the belly to the chest and move the energy from the under arms to the arms palms and fingers out. Shave the body for a better smooth sensation (optional).

7. Proceed to gently drying yourself and apply face & body cream with the intention of grounding the higher timeline choice reality of self love and self care (embodiment).Feel the area of the face while doing so and move from the face to the throat by feeling your thyroid and intending the realignment with the heart.

8. Brush the teeth & tongue (they are related to throat chakra clearing, activation & expression).Put some music on (preferably without lyrics, as they infiltrate subconscious messages in the mind that produce chemical reactions within the body & influence mood etc.) 

9. Give Attention to detail by taking care of your finger and toe nails. It's a representation of your life, habits and the way you perceive yourself and your reality. Clear your physical space with sage and intense stick & organize things to represent a calm mind space to create from.

10. Practice gratitude in your journal by being present with yourself and when you feel ready proceed into practicing gratitude from the inside out to your environment. Dare to be authentic in your expression. Trusting and loving yourself through the process. Loving what arises, ease any doubts, fears, though loops that come up to be loved by you. * Love yourself awake*. 

11. Practice this beautiful presence with your inner child that aligns you hight the higher frequency experience, expression, creativity, clarity, focus, deep calm breath, & passion.

12. Choose the best resonating options to you sharpening your intuitive aspects. Your belief systems form the reality you wish to experience (play out).

13. All is well. Trust your creation. All is ONE.

I hope you found this article helpful :) If you did please share it with your friends & groups. 

Thank you for being here!

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.


Andriana is the founder of Conscious Alignment & Co-Founder of Team Light Cyprus. 
Her purpose and passion is giving people the tools, guidance & inspiration for creating an empowered version of themselves in all aspects of life. She is dedicated into assisting, healing & activating people by sharing her gifts through authenticity, simplicity & spiritual mastery.

Monday, 30 December 2019

Embodiment | Unlocking the Dormant DNA

Hello Warriors, 

Today I am guided to share some information about Embodiment and how if feels when we are unlocking the dormant DNA.

Embodiment began in 2018 and it has has a strong effect on our personal and collective realities as we merge with our Higher Selves right through the body.

From my personal experience evens lined up in such way so that I could align myself with the right timeline that supports my embodiment phase and service. As I shared on my previous posts, I am at the beginning stages of embodiment and I am being trained by my higher selves and guides on how to unlock & activate parts of dormant DNA.

What do you mean by dormant DNA?
How does it work and how can someone do this?

When we work on our subconscious mind and become more self aware of our habits, thoughts, behaviors actions etc, our perception of self and the world around us changes, as we evolve and grow by passing our tests, we prove that we are ready for more. When we master ourselves we give permission to our higher selves to start working with us in more profound ways. 

The astrological events, energies coming from the galactic centre and the intense Gateways amplify our personal and collective timeline choices. We shift, align, and stay on point with your higher trajectory that assists with clarity, and allowing the unknown to unfold with ease and grace. Our DNA is quantum so everything that is happening affects us as humans in the physical and the non physical realms.

I am being taught that there is a state of consciousness where we can access our body as a physical suit, like we are wearing a layer of ether that we have control over, meaning we can operate within the ether by using specific muntras that activate functions within and through our inner and outer reality. 

We can direct prana and stimulate different processes within and without the body. While I was shown this it felt like we are a type of ship, a sort of device, machine and we can learn how to operate ourselves, how to process and adjust our layers.

 I was shown that what we call aura, is much more that just a word, it's like an operating system within that sphere, like we are wearing the reality like an accessory, we are literally connected, as one, with our bubble, our environment and expanding in our proximity we are the country, the earth, the galaxy and we can adjust clear and create though our merkhaba like the womb of creation itself.

My latest experience happened while I was connecting to our sun, I was being shown and tested on and off on how to disconnect from the mind and surrendering by opening up the flow of breath that gives access thought my heart and through the DNA. It feels like gravity changes for a while, you feel grounded but it's like you are floating.

The mind trys to control this experience and always has questions on what to do next to access more of that skillset but when we allow the mind to talk we lose alignment with that thread of information. It's basically like we are being hacked for accessing that trajectory. In my experience the hacking of the mind happened so that I could identify what was happening and be able to share it with you now.

There were beings controlling physical people that can or manifested or imposed upon, as thought patterns, beliefs in order to cause a negative emotion so that they can hack your field and stop you from accessing this skillset by looping in them over and over. It takes some effort at the beginning to dissolve this and stating your sovereignty.

The more powerful you are the more you are messed with so know this and be ready. It is important to use discernment to identify what thoughts are coming from you or who is trying to project in. This is why meditating is the first level of accessing your power. The more you master a skillset the stronger you become when you are being put in situations like this. Its like training a muscle. 

Be aware of those programs and claim back your power. You are sovereign, take control of the wheel and stir your ''ship'' like the creator you are.
So learning that the mind can be easily hacked when we are not self aware, we now know that we must learn how to ''control'' it (discern when something feels good and when it doesn't).

A way to practice this is by having moments of no thought where we just breath and feel our body, our heart, to connect with the suns, the sun within and the sun without and pulling light codes from the sun onto our suit. Ground within your body, feel it, stretch, move your energy, don't buy into the programming, embody this in your self and share what you learn though it to assist in the awakening process. We are here to activate ourselves and assist in any way that we can.

When you access this power within you (especially when charging from the sun) you feel like a small sun. When you choose to do this your higher selves step into your suit-physical body and teach you how to use this energy etc.

Merging the physical and the non physical can be hard to describe at times because there are very little words to describe the coding of every training and experience. It happens through telepathic connection, images in the mind's eye, feelings within and around the body, through movement, so the human/channeler/translator how to learn physical ways to translate energy into matter.

My higher selves had me identify my recent passion for exercising and I am taking a personal training course not only because I love exercising or want to know more about exercising but also because it's my permission slip for finding ways to express with the right vocabulary what happens within the body, muscles, cells, brain, and DNA in general.

How can I choose the best timeline for ascension?

1. Ground
2. Workout, move the energy, process it (check the previous posts about it)
3. Fasting and right nutrition plays a big part in this process, it is the key for feeling your body in a more profound way.
4. Stretch to break
5. Remember that our heart comes first, not the mind.
6. Become the best version of yourself every day, create a healthy routine, create time for yourself.
7. Share your journey, be creative, find a way to express what you learn.

Remember where you come from family and how old you are within your soul.
Grow strong. Amplify your light like the sun that you are.

After writing this post, the following video appeared on my news feed by Sandra Water that 
describes in great detail, analysis and scientific proof of what is happening and what I just shared thought my personal experience.

This is just the beginning.
Are you Ready?

Please share and comment your embodiment experience in the comment below to assist others who are going thought the embodiment phase too. 
Thank you :) 

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.


Andriana is the founder of Conscious Alignment & Co-Founder of Team Light Cyprus. 
Her purpose and passion is giving people the tools, guidance & inspiration for creating an empowered version of themselves in all aspects of life. She is dedicated into assisting, healing & activating people by sharing her gifts through authenticity, simplicity & spiritual mastery.

Monday, 18 November 2019

Download: How to Access your Dormant DNA Part 2

Hello Warriors, 

Today I will share a download that I had about the womb of creation and how we can use our body to align with our true power. This post is the part 2. Read part 1 here

A few days ago I was processing some things so I was doing an inner child work about my behavior when I am with other people and it turned out that since childhood I didn't know how to act human enough..and kept this awkwardness until now :) Some of you might relate to this.

Long story short, I was stack between not knowing how to express the physical aspect of me of how I am in my mind and heart out to the world because as an empath I feel other peoples emotions and thoughts which makes me hesitant to talk so I kind of push them away.

 I didn't know how to create how I wanted to be seen in my reality, there was a block between the space of me having to perceive how I am been perceived and knowing how it felt so far, I didn't know what actions to take to overcome it.

Living in my mind is like a timeless thing, so adding time to express myself outwards takes courage and practice. For this reason my spirit guides had to jump in and help. After doing the inner child work we had to remove the energetic block from my body and after doing so I was guided to share this so that you can do it too if you are interested.

As I shared in my 2 previous blog posts, I am being guided on how to access the dormant DNA and how to clear energetic blockages physically from the body and mind by processing things and share the practical downloads on how to do it to assist others.

The first thing that you must do before anything else is to protect your space by claiming your sovereignty using specific muntras as I was taught by my guides.  In this way you can call forward your teams, your higher selves both light and night, spirit guides and med team to assist you as one. Click here to find out how to do this:

So Here's how to remove energetic blockages from the body:
  1. Squeeze the belly button and the area around it. The belly button is related to your bloodline. You represent the more evolved version of your generation. Find the right pressure point on the intestines (more info about this here).
    Forming 2 triangles (see photo no 1) from the 3rd chakra to the second.
  2. Then taking both the right and the left side of the ribs area with hands together merging the two sides into one in the heart, holding both hands together forming a fist (see photo no 2).
  3. Then forming the same triangles from the 3rd chakra to the 4th.
  4. Then moving up the centre of the spine to the chest and neck area.
  5. Move the stagnancy from the scalp to the crown chakra up your hair and out forming a triangle on top of your head (see picture no 3).
  6. Then moving your hands to open the triangle to your sides like holding them reigns. This action is translated to the non physical as claiming your sovereignty. Being in control of your reality as a creator. Being in control of your vessel of the womb of your physical creation in alignment with the womb within. Within that you come from and without that you participate and co-create with.

We are the womb in a womb of a womb. We are the storm and the lightning. In fact the those adjust our personal and collective timelines. In this creation there is time and space and time-space exists in space-time. We are the sun the clouds, the water, the fire, the air, the ether, the plasma, the matter and the antimatter. All is one experiencing it's own experience in a world of experiences and infinite possibilities that started from an idea. We are creation in motion, in emotion. From the one as one.

We are like a womb in creation. While I write this, I see it in my mind's eye like a baby in a womb and inside of that baby is another womb that contains this universe, this galaxy, us. And we all have our womb which is the heart. There are two worlds, the feeling of that of the womb in the heart as the first dominant presence and the secondary feeling of this creation, the physical reality, us in the here and now, the body. One presence that lives within and the other one is writing this post.

This is the time in space where these two worlds are merging together bridging as one consciously.
When we become aware of the I AM, as the force that creates our own individual womb-heart experience of physical reality, our biochemistry changes.

The DNA is quantum.
If we focus only on our minds, we usually create chaos, stress, distortions, confusion, destructive patterns and behaviors. But we have the power to use our focus intentionally by being aware of our body as an instrument, breathing into the womb, opening up the heart fields, being in harmony, grounded in our body, in piece, from within the breath, feeling the oneness with the womb of creation.

We breath as one, we vibrate as one with the higher realms of creation.
We are claiming back our sovereignty from the mind mechanisms that kept the consciousness of the planet in a state of conflict and separateness.

More and more people now awaken and want to step into this power, remembering who they trully are. This is a new wave of change that is happening in this now and it has just began.The new is upon us.
More details about DNA and 2020 Activations:

Allow yourselves to feel this by breathing like you are the womb in a womb, connected to all that is, that loves you, supports you unconditionally sustains your existence. You are safe to open up your heart fields to surrender to love, trusting fully in the Self.
Claim your sovereignty your space.

Here's a video by Rion DeRouen that explains in detail about higher selves and their functions. 

You are responsible for allowing and trusting the space for communication between you and your higher selves. There's free will, If you do not request contact they are not allowed to intervene. 
You can build a strong relationship between you and them. In time they will train and assist you further on activating more strands of dormant DNA. You will get trained on how the inner DNA that you are and have, and the outer that you are and do, take part in co-creation.

We claim our sovereignty and create as the womb by holding them reigns, by using our vessel, the muntras & visualization as one, in alignment with the womb as the womb from within our vehicle-body.
And so then the higher selves can start interacting with us in a more advanced way, building a relationship of contact – training on how we can use our body, our power, our DNA, our thoughts, our actions as one. As one self, as one planet, as one cell. Unity consciousness. Womb of creation.

When the way you perceive yourself perceiving itself changes, the outer world changes as well.
 It has no reason or power to be something else. You are the womb that you are & create from. 

Your higher aspects are here to remind & guide you how to assist in your dna activation by:
breathing right
eating right
thinking right
flowing right in the body
creating right
being present & grounded
being in harmony with the inner and outer
sovereign, free, whole.

It is safe for you to create, to express, to claim your sovereignty from your mind.
You are safe to be, to let go, to surrender in your body and allow your presence, 
your dna, your heart to to open up from within yourself.
From within the body that you have and the womb that you are.
 And so the outside is safe too because you are
 the IAM.

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Thank you :)

 This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

Andriana is the founder of Conscious Alignment & Co-Founder of Team Light Cyprus. 
Her purpose and passion is giving people the tools, guidance & inspiration for creating an empowered version of themselves in all aspects of life. She is dedicated into assisting, healing & activating people by sharing her gifts through authenticity, simplicity & spiritual mastery.

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

How to Physically Clear Energy Blocks from Body & Mind

Hello Warriors, 

Today I am going to share a download that I received on the 20/10. I was shown by my guides how to clear energetic blockages from my physical body,
not only chakra clearing but removing thought loops & stagnant energy from the scalp and wanted to share this with you if you haven't already hear about it.
If you are interested on how to do this for yourself keep readying.

So here's what will be discussed:
  1. how to find stagnant energy inside the body (how to clear each chakra point)
  2. how each chakra is related to all other chakras,
  3. how to find stagnant energy inside the scalp,
  4. how to apply pressure on the nerves to break it down,
  5. how to direct that energy out the scalp from the back of the head.

Everything starts with the two halves of our body. The left side and the right side. I was shown that the healing & clearing happens in the middle. When the two become one.


1. Breath from the root chakra and exhale moving the energy up your spine and out of the top of your head using the kundalini. The following clearing is a form of scanning the body and clearing it at the same time. 
2. Use both hands and start applying pressure on the left side of your body, on the organs. You will start feeling where here is tension-pain. The energy movement starts from the area below and around your belly button. 
3. Squeeze that area from the intestines to the belly button and move that energy upwards. 
4. Use your thumbs and always use both hands. 
5. Move the energy from the organs, bladder, the side of the hips with both your palms to the centre of the 2ndchakra. 
6. Touch your thumbs together so that your belly button is at the centre and your hands form a pyramid. 
7. Take the energy from your lower back as well and move it to your ribs and direct it at the same time to your heart. 
8. Hold your hands together and touch your thumbs together and your pinkies together.
Your pinkies touch the area above your belly button and your thumbs rest on your hear centre. 
9. Move the energy from the heart to the chest and from your chest to the back of your neck the sides of your neck & throat using both palms. When you do this put your palms in a way so that your pinkies touch the left and right temporal recession (see image) and your thumbs touch the sides of your neck (your middle and point fingers should be at the back of your neck). 
10. From there, move the energy with your palms, up your face, ears, forehead and direct it out from your hair & crown chakra. Let it leave your body from the hair out. In this type of clearing, everything clears up the spine, from the front chakras, going up the neck, nerves and out of the spinal chord.


Now for removing stagnant energy from the scalp you need to find the right pressure points. When you do you will feel the energy block like an implant. 
You start from touching the sides of the neck and back of the neck, as explained earlier, and find the energetic blockages by feeling where it hurts when you apply pressure. 
It's an area where the energy doesn't move and might cause headaches from time to time or thought loops that hack your frequency.

There are two areas to apply pressure. The first one is on the right side of the temporal recession. Apply pressure there and follow all the way to the Auriculo T. to Malar B. Of TM to Temporal BR of the Tem.Molar (see the 1st image at the top of the page for more info).
 It can be massaged out from the front to the side and then to the back of the head to be moved out from the spinal chord (the exit of the 3rd eye).

The second one is from the neck, the sides of the neck, behind and below the ears. 
From the Auriculo Temporal nerve down to the superficial cervical vein so that it can be moved from the trapezius and out from the back of the heard (spinal chord) see image for more info.

Feel of there's any pain when you pressure it and do this until the pain is gone. 
It's like massaging a muscle until the tightness is gone. 
Those are stored experiences and thoughts that keep looping and when we go through energetic-DNA upgrades and activations those are forced to be broken down
 or be moved and they cause pain and nausea. 

This can affect the physical reality too so that we can find a physical way to move that energy.
 Some of those stored thoughts can affect the speech and expression because if not cleared they sit at the back of the throat & neck. 
The throat is directly connected to the root chakra that is responsible for the feeling of security, grounding and flow of wealth. 
The throat is also connected to the heart centre. 
So if the throat is affected the heart doesn't open because the root doesn't feel safe and secure which leads to stress in the body and non grounding. 
This caused emotional reactions that are stored in the gut (click here to see how to access the dormant DNA). 

When doing the clearing use your intuition and feeling ability. Ask for assistance from the best healer on your stream and call your highest light aspect (4-5 times) to be present in the clearing process. Use your thumbs and pointer fingers for applying pressure. It might feel uncomfortable but it's necessary and when you finish you will feel so much better. 

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Thank you :)

 This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

Andriana is the founder of Conscious Alignment & Co-Founder of Team Light Cyprus. 
Her purpose and passion is giving people the tools, guidance & inspiration for creating an empowered version of themselves in all aspects of life. She is dedicated into assisting, healing & activating people by sharing her gifts through authenticity, simplicity & spiritual mastery.