Tuesday, 12 April 2022

Quantum Grounding, Homeostasis & Weather Manipulation

Hello Warriors,

Today we are going to discuss how the weather and the elements have a direct correlation to our mind. body and reality matrix.

As you may already know, there are many forms of destruction that can affect the body, the mind, the stability within reality and the sovereignty of the consciousness. 
Through my training in quantum processing of alchemy & homeostasis, I've learned that we can use techniques for each layer of self. There are techniques for the body and techniques for the mind and space (dimensional room). 

There are many areas that contribute to the overall balance and homeostasis of the organism. Some of there categories are: 

-nutrition, to balance the metabolism
-fitness plan to balance habits & hormones
-structure & organization to balance the mind & provide momentum
- body and mind techniques to provide heart and brain coherence 
- movement & activity to learn how to process energy & gain chakra awareness
-mobility and rehab to form a deeper connection with body and space
-shadow integration to become conscious of the subconscious mechanism &belief systems
-conscious sovereign presence to ground light and access the electromagnetic field
-kundalini techniques to direct chi and assist brain hemisphere synchronisation
-hygiene & purification to engage our senses
-vision, mindset and manifestation for purpose, gratitude & accountability and 
-quantum grounding using the elements (internal and external) as one.

When we have a natural cycle of evolution without distractions, there is a natural order. When there is a natural flow, the elements work with our inner and outer cycles, assisting, aligning and evolving on all levels.

But, when the natural flow has been manipulated in specific ways it becomes inorganic and contains altered coding that hacks the original blueprint. It therefore has a negative effect on the mind, body and our space-consciousness. The natural flow of our cycles can be influenced through changes of temperature-weather and this has direct effect in our mood and perception (it influences the sacred geometry within our water-cells-organs etc).

What I am being guided to share with you today is how to master the element of water, how to work with the self when there is weather manipulation and alteration of frequency.

Weather manipulation is something that has been taking place for a while now in most countries and combined with other things influence brain activity and the electromagnetic field in general.

Weather manipulation happens in accordance with the moon and other planetary cycles that serve as energetic gateways of opportunity,  where the body and mind is most vulnerable to frequency. War on consciousness through frequency control.

What we are learning as masters of our reality is to come from a neutral space of non judgement or blame and realize that we have the opportunity to become stronger than the programming at any time we choose to, because we are supported through our original blueprint (birthright) for organic evolution.

When there is wind, the mind is the first that is being influenced because the wind element is directly related to the mind. When it's windy, the 'body tree', is shaking and our mind is working to send the right signal to the body to sustain stability in the physical reality.

But when the weather has been manipulated, aka not natural, the wind is not working WITH our cycles but it's rather confusing our cycles. So when the weather is man-made product it's working for a specific agenda.

When there is wind, the mind plays its own story.The manmade weather confuses the natural cycles and creates a a mind loop through signal in the brain that cause reactions in the chemistry of the body – anxiety, overstimulation, numbness, disconnection from the roots and therefore fear, confusion, being easily hackable.

The mind causes the body to be in a lower frequency, because you're sensing that you cannot ground of find your center as something isn't natural and you're working subconsciously more than usual which causes your cortisol levels to rise, your hormones are now sending the signal of fight or flight response for survival. There is no coherence, there's no ability of grounding so when you are in this type of situation you need water.

The water element is associated with the moon and it's cycles.

The moon rules the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is a reflection of out habits, addictions, past or current life memories, karma, fears, sensitivity, imagination, childhood etc. The Moon is the closest to earth and moves the quickest. This is why it affects the body (and its water). It’s constant change of phases, represents impermanence, such as the body, thoughts, and moods.

The moon rules over the brain and pituitary endocrine system. The hypothalamus-pituitary complex is our command center, where messages from the nervous system are received and translated into hormones that can signal a response.

Just as the moon receives the light of the sun, the hypothalamus-pituitary system receives and processes information from other areas of the brain that determines the personal importance of our emotional responses and expression.

This system is responsible for the basic functions of the body such as sleep-wake cycle, maintaining fluid homeostasis, reproductive system, metabolic rate, body temperature & stress response through our hormones.

The subconscious, the aspect of self that is not aware, is unable to transcend unconscious behavioral patterns without the help of the conscious mind. So through innerstanding the rhythms, patterns, and influences of the moon (and therefore our cycles), we can evolve through embodying our higher power and express it into matter.

Each Chakra governs specific organs and systems through their functions and qualities. Quantum Alchemy provides us with the tools and experiences on how to heal and transmute not only the body and the mind but our soul on a quantum level, on all levels and layers.

The Water element has the ability to bring awareness to the body, it resets frequency through, sacred geometry within our water. So using the temperatures, hot or cold we are able to activate areas of the brain and reset our frequency through shifting our perception from the external, from the mind, and reset the signal through the internal stimulation. By activating, firing and wearing different neural pathways in the brain we are able to bring back homeostasis, hemisphere synchronization and heart coherence through deep breathing.

The hot temperature helps us to feel more, it brings awareness to the body & our thoughts. The cold temperature of the water helps us to ground into the reality to reset into the Gaia frequency within the body. 

The hot and cold is providing a for of training, a lesson of awareness, of mastery, for us to be sharp. This is also teaching us the balancing force between fear and love. How to be more aware, focused and conscious of how these things operate when it comes to our consciousness, to become stronger. So when we become stronger, we are not easily programmable, the more we train the more difficult it is for the agendas to control or manipulate or brainwash us.

So when we realize how stressed we are during that moment, we are then able to exit this frequency loop of the man-made creation, by using techniques & tools, that remind us how to take our power back. By shifting our attention and regaining the sovereignty of our mind, body and consciousness. Stimulating the brain to exit the overload-numb state.
I was guided to write some of the techniques through my personal experience so that you and I, can become more able to ground in 360°, through quantum grounding; meaning not only physical grounding but mental grounding and dimensional grounding through sacred geometry. We are using quantum alchemy, by merging the physical and the non-physical reality through the dimensional portal. For more info on the dimensional portal click here.

This is how to use the hot an cold temperatures:

Number one

Take a hot shower. First we use the hot water to feel and then the very hot water to adjust to a hotter temperature, to bring stimulation and focus and exit the numbness & overload state. We basically clear the energy that stuck on our energy field.

Number two

Now turn the water off to feel the room, the bathroom and the house energy letting your skin cool down. Apply soap to the entire body without using any water and make sure you cover the entire body equally from side to side. (it synchronizes the hemispheres of the brain)

I have shared a previous article talking about this ancient technique in ancient Greece.

Click here for more info.

Number three

After rinsing the soap with hot water, we now use cold water to adjust to the cold temperature and accelerate our breathing. When you adjust, use hot again.

When you finish the shower ritual, stay in the room for a while to breathe in the steam(and to also clean around); this helps the mind to ground more into the present moment and in time you cultivate better awareness of how the layers of reality work and in what ways they relate to your chakra system.

The shower can be done at any time during the day or night and it's beneficial to follow it up with a journaling ritual.

Writing can be used as a permission slip to the inner child as a way to bring comfort and express from the heart (after the hot and cold reset shower).

So we ground first in the bathroom and then in the sacred space by expressing things thoughts, emotions, downloads and we become more aware of the before and after feeling, of the patterns, the energy etc.

In this way we are channelling our journey while becoming aware of the perception we have. If we choose to share information about our journey, this helps more people to familiarize themselves with their own perception which can be activating through the chemistry in the brain(as it sends a signal to the body and the entire DNA providing a different frequency and experience).

What makes the signal of the gene not working right, what causes interference:

1.Trauma, physical

2.Toxins, chemistry

3.Thoughts (the mind sends the wrong signal to the body)

Perception controls your biology

The way you see the world, your reality, yourself, controls your biology.

When we use epigenetic control we can reverse the programmed belief into ascended truth, we enter sovereignty.

If you change your perception, you change the reading of your genes.

Check this video by Bruce Lipton for more information of how this takes place from a scientific point of view.

Through writing we are able to access another dimension meaning to work on our self, or a shadow aspect and communicate with our inner child on how to process reality and how to process what is taking place. (Dimensions are bandwidths of energy, our brain operates in brainwaves of energy and can tune into different channels).

We do this by tuning into the heart center, the body, our intelligence and asking questions. Then answering from the heart.

Some of the questions that begin this conversation with my inner child are the following:

-What am I currently thinking about
-How are you feeling today
-How did I wake up and how was the reality reflecting in self right the moment when I woke up how did I perceive that energy when it was windy what happened in my surroundings how was myBusiness perceiving the reality and how was my subconscious reacted. How did I feel.

-Did I force myself to ground instantly to take action in the reality or was I naturally changing brain waves in a harmonious way?
-What were the actions that I took throughout the day to improve my mood or to sustain a centre awareness within me throughout the chaotic windows that have been taking place in my environment and mind loops. Meaning what did I do in despite the things that have been taking place to counteract that imposed energy knowingly or unknowingly?
-What type of exposure how much exposure did I have throughout the day during the windy period.

Other questions that provide better clarity can be:

-So what did I learn from this experience today?
-How what happened reflected to my habits and what belief systems do I hold about myself and about my reality?
-How does my state of being affect my fitness levels, my body image, my activities, my energy levels, business, relationships etc?
-How is my relationship with myself? Am I hard on myself or am I too soft with myself? Is there an imbalance in this or am I procrastinating? what are the excuses that I say to myself and are they really excuses or do I need a better way to communicate with myself rather than ignoring my feelings.

-How can I become a better mother to my inner child?

If you are interested to learn more about the practices and techniques and expand your skills and abilities through your own experience click here.

I hope you’ve found this article helpful. If you did please share it with your friends and in groups and follow us on social media.

Thank you for being here!

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.


Andriana is the founder of Conscious Alignment & Co-Creator of Team Light Cyprus. 

Her purpose and passion is giving people the tools, guidance & inspiration for creating an empowered version of self in all aspects of life. She is dedicated into assisting, healing & activating people by sharing her gifts through authenticity, simplicity & spiritual mastery. Find out more at www.consciousalignment.co.uk

Monday, 3 January 2022

The Chemistry of dormant DNA

Hello warriors,

Today we are going to analyze the process that the mind-brain, body-chakra system-organs go through, when it comes to dormant DNA activation and how it relates to our day to day lives. 

As you may already know, thoughts are the language of the brain and feelings are the language of the body. Both thinking and feeling can affect our reality. 

The cycle of thinking and feeling overtime, creates the state of being that we operate from. 

A state of being is when our mind and our body are working together.

A habit is when our body becomes the mind. 

Habit is an automatic set of thoughts that is unconscious. 

The Ascension process is the transformation of the physical body, light body and the consciousness which animates it, in order to hold a higher vibrational state. Your higher self is merging with your lower dimensional self after a very long separation in the 3D experience.
In order for your body to be capable of holding that higher frequency, it must transform into a crystalline-based cellular structure. DNA which has been dormant must be activated. Our consciousness must be expanded beyond the boundaries of habitual 3D/4D existence. It is physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually challenging, and it is quite amazing. Medical impossibilities are popping up all over the globe. Not everyone has chosen to awaken in this lifetime, nor do they have to awaken. There are many factors involved in experiencing the Ascension process, and we are all here to play out the Shift in our own way. The dimensional split between a 3D/4D version of Earth and an ascending 5D version (the New Earth) began in August of 2011. Our planet ascended to 5D on December 12, 2012. This means a platform for the new experience of the return to the true Human genome is provided. We are catching up to the planetary change through our expanding consciousness physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.

Humanity is able to merge with their 5D and above aspects, bring Heaven (5D+) to Earth, by merging these realities through internal integration (shadow work and other techniques). 

Lower vibrational systems, programs, entities and belief systems dissolve in the New Light – sometimes with ease, sometimes with resistance. Many are choosing to fully embody a 5D consciousness of Unconditional Love right here in this reality, as an act of Divine service to raise the collective vibration into peace, harmony and compassion consciously. Some are choosing to embody a Christed Consciousness, which enables a conscious connection to 5D – 12D expressions of the Self.

Most of you are familiar with the work of Abraham Esther Hicks on the law of attraction, the work of Darryl Anka – Bashar on following your highest excitement, Dr Joe Dispenza on Epigenetics and how to rewire our brain & transform our DNA, the work of Sandra Walter on how to turn our DNA from carbon based to crystalline and many other teaching that basically describe the same thing in different ways, levels and layers of this quantum experience.

How does it work?

It all begins when we begin to develop a relationship with our intelligence consciously by creating the time to do so. I have recently created a video where I discussed this process called Conscious Sovereign Presence. Click for part one, two and three. Other names for this are Divine Neutrality or Zero Point.

When we enter this state and we combine a clear intention with an elevated emotion we move into a new state of being. We program our genes by turning on new genes and turning off old genes.

When we want to participate consciously in the evolution journey, the ascension of our consciousness and the activation of our dormant DNA, we must begin to resonate with these cosmic energies and match our frequency. Each dimension has a range of frequencies which create the structure for experiencing a certain kind of reality. Third dimensional reality is the lowest density (frequency) which a human expression of consciousness may experience. There are many side effects of the old 3D reality, including the illusion of linear time, the inability to perceive higher dimensions, and spiritual amnesia where the memory of past lives, experiences in other dimensions, and connection to the rest of the Universe is forgotten. All of that is changing during the Shift. This is why the phenomenon of awakening is so widespread; we are waking up from the amnesia of 3D and reconnecting with higher dimensional consciousness.

Anything which desires to experience life on a planet must resonate with the vibrational level of that planet in order to exist within the parameters of that reality. The frequency of the Earth has been increasing, and continues to rise, which means everything in, on and around her surface is affected. This change in dimensional structure is becoming very apparent to the awakened. Apocalypse means lifting of the veil – the unveiling of higher dimensions which were once hidden by the density of 3D reality.

Emotions are a record of the past and we cannot analyze the same old emotions when we're trying to change into a new version-state of being or when we are manifesting a new reality. The change isn't happening though our mind, ego or identity. 

As you may already know in my line of work I'm working with the merging of the physical and energetic realities, decoding the alchemical process of my activation and sharing the algorithm of my development. So far we've talked about the physical body and how to remove storage emotions from the body with specific techniques that I teach through my programs, platforms and services. We've also talked about visualization techniques that raise our frequency and assist in the activation of our rainbow body. But it's very important to innerstand the process that is taking place behind the scenes and to know why we do what we do and how the things we do affect our personal and collective reality.

It's different to follow a trend because everyone else is doing it, and it becomes an entirely different process when we gain conscious clarity of the deeper meaning and details through experience and repetition.

There are many different visualization techniques and each serves as a permission slip for our mind to catch up tp our consciousness. The most popular one is seeing the picture that you wish to manifest as it has already happened, to feel the emotions that we would have if our payers have already been answered. This vision is firing and wiring in your brain as it's forming an innerstanding of it and it activates the genes of the new reality through focus and highest intent. And this is achieved when we eliminate our external reality to go within for a few minutes everyday. Because this change happens though mastery and mastery comes through consistent application and repetition. We are training our body and mind to catch up to our consciousness by changing our conditions, programming loops etc.

As a human you have goals and things you wish to manifest. You write them down and you start creating a plan that provides the necessary structure for you to accomplish these tasks on a daily basis. As you are in this process of change you cannot use or apply the old habits and belief systems in the new timeline that you wish to create and experience.

You must shift internally first by becoming aware of your triggers and what caused the program in the first place. This happens though inner child work, through forming a deeper and stronger connection with yourself and consciously bring the unconscious and subconscious into the present, to be analyzed and healed. In the process we correct the thoughts and behaviors from within the brain by working with the body and rewiring our genes, from carbon based to crystalline. In other words, purifying our water, our energy of our body and mind. 

When we wish to create a new habit or manifest something new, we must recondition the body into a new mind. New behaviors and emotions are acquired through frequent repetition. Training physically our 'muscle', as well as mentally and emotionally.

So the second step is to remind our selves:

Are we thinking in the future or are we thinking of the past? 

Make the necessary adjustments. Here's a way to become more aware of our programs:

Our mood is the result of a long emotional reaction to something that happened within days or even weeks and we haven't turned inwards to ask ourselves what we are feeling and why.

A temperament is a long emotional reaction that has been running in our subconscious (in the body) for months because we haven't turned inwards to ask ourselves what we are feeling and why.

A personality trait is something that has been running in the background , an loooong emotional reaction that has been going on for years, a trauma that we haven't healed by tuning inwards to ask ourselves what we are feeling and why. It becomes a personality trait if it goes unnoticed. 

So we need a chemical feedback of how we are running our reality and epigenetics is basically signaling the gene ahead of the experience. In that process we become more aware of our thoughts and emotions and also the resistance we hold which serves as a permission slip for us to heal what comes up and integrate it into our consciousness in order to build a stronger relationship with our self and continue leveling up. 

The latest scientific research shows we have three brains! We have complex, adaptive and fully functional neural networks or ‘brains’ in our heart, our gut and our head.

 The Three Brains

    The head brain (ceribral cortex) that learns (memory) analyzes information and applies logic.

    The heart brain (chemical brain) that produces feeling and emotions (dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins)

    The cerebellum (the mind-body), the seed of our subconscious. The body mind are working together in repetition and are responsible for our automatic movements that become our second nature. 

The brain and body are connected through neural pathways made up of neurotransmitters, hormones and chemicals. These pathways transmit signals between the body and the brain to control our everyday functions, from breathing, digestion and pain sensations to movement, thinking and feeling.

For the brain, when we wish to create a new version of self we must see it in our minds and feel that vision as it already happened, to feel the emotions (body) of it as we've already accomplished that feeling and how it is to be in that manifested reality. 

How would we feel if it was already done? if it was already here? The body and the mind have to be in the future though the present moment and this is how we create a new version of self by having the experience over and over and over again (in 5D) feeling it, seeing it and experiencing it daily until we master this process and allowing synchronicity and gratitude (the law of vibration-on of our mastery skills) to materialize it. When we combine a clear intention with an elevated emotion we move into a new state of being so when we do this over and over and over again we leave that timeline through creating it and becoming a vibrational match to it this has been proven to work through science.

So again:

first thing is to begin to develop a relationship with her intelligence by creating the time to tune into ourselves to quiet down to calm the nervous system to tune inwards 

After we enter this state we use our intention and the elevated emotion and vision to see clearly what we want to manifest and feel like. Give thanks to the event that is happening as we are feeling the gratitude every time we practice this technique. To wake up and feel as if our prayers have already been answered and we are living the vision. 

During this process we also become consciously aware of our negative thoughts. We observe them when they come up and when they try to pull us back into the old timeline (old ways of thinking acting and being).

When it comes to the body and chakras (energy), there are other techniques that we can practice in order to form a connection to our physical and energy body by achieving homeostasis. Click here for more.

Emotions in the body is like an addiction because our thoughts and emotions affect our hormones just like drugs do. To repair the thoughts that keep the emotions inside the body into a loop, we must become aware of them and clear of who we no longer want to be through our presence, focus and mindfulness. When it comes to the techniques that we can use to assist the body to release stored emotions, memories, etheric and energetic cords, these come through forms of grounding (into the body, into the chakra stream, into the core of self) opening our energy fields, to feel our connection to our roots and release what no longer serves us into the planet (Gaia) for transmutation. 

Mental or physical, (mental and emotional), we must broadcast a new electromagnetic signature into our field by calming the nervous system and applying elevated emotions that create new elevated thoughts that create a new state of being (every morning right after we wake up).We must practice in such a way that we maintain that state of being throughout the day; to get up as if our prayers have already been answered. To become aware and familiar of the state of mind and of body every day, to move into new state of being every day.

Because we are the consciousness observing the program and we need to teach our body and our mind by choosing it every day. 

When we do a cord identification of thought and emotions in the body, we become more aware of how our physical body feels and usually there is tension in the left and the right side of the body that affects the centering of the core. Like our hips are root center, the sacral and umbilical, our solar plexus, the heart and we feel these as tension, stress or a frequency that needs to be released or adjusted. 

In this alchemical process of physical and energetic blend, we redirect the chemical mental emotional patterns and alter the genetic code within our DNA. In science, this is called Epigenetics. In metaphysics this process is called ascension, reversing the DNA code from carbon based to crystalline based (to light). 

Reversing the lower and repeated frequency with the so-called elevated frequency, as when we heal the experience by processing the mental and emotional aspects of it AND by also processing the physical & energetic connection of the processing. 

When there is a stagnancy (mental or physical) it is expressed energetically throught the energy centers (chakras) in the body that are responsible for the organs and their functions and they also affect the electromagnetic fields around the body thought the lack of presence and focus of our physical and mental space as a result of the repeated looping and repeated processing of our external environment. Meaning losing contact with our internal state as we are overstimulated by the mind. 

Through observing and adjusting using specific techniques here, we choose to become aware of the event or program that is causing the distortion. We heal the root cause by using our presence, intuition, divine guidance & intelligence that guides us towards the healing processes, so that we can manifest our desired vision and become the highest version. Also called embodiment oh highest light through shadow integration, mental traits of aspects and archetypal forms of ancestral expressions and other dimensional versions of the multidimensional and quantum DNA. 

In other words, what is hidden in the subconscious comes to the surface to be noticed processed by the conscious mind, the analytical brain, the neocortex (part of the cerebral cortex where higher cognitive functioning originates), and then it becomes felt by the chemical mind through the physical body (during the quantum alchemy that happens in the physical and energetic - mental and emotional) & portal activation of the highest version of self.

Strength training is a great metaphor (and also practice) to explain the chemical, mental and emotional process of the DNA because a muscle can be described as the brain. 

To change and shift and transform in size and energy (frequency) in fitness or bodybuilding we use the physical and mental and also the emotional and spiritual aspects of our awareness. When we are training the mind (thoughts) we train the body and discipline our emotions. We overcome the conditioning of the mind, we become resilient, our energy and mastery forms because of the internal process.

Spiritual or metaphysical mastery comes through the physical, mental and emotional training process repeated on a daily basis (habit).

Ok but how can I apply this chemical altering process during a highly negative event?

Notice how you're feeling. (Angry hurt surprised shocked vulnerable etc)

What happened? Replay their situation and try to understand it from all perspectives.

Calm yourself through inner dialogue and breathing.

Feel your neck and Solar plexus and see the frequency there.

Enter a state of neutrality by calming the nervous system and musces.

Use a mantra to overwrite the mind loop. You are safe to be in your space and body & external frequencies have no power over you.

Emotional reactions in extreme ways are a result of fear and projection and this creates openings for entities to feed off your energy.

Shield x4 and claim our mental and physical space.

The event has to do with someone else's reaction this has nothing to do with how worthy you are. We tend to blame ourselves for everything as a defense mechanism.

See what thoughts come up and detach yourself from the situation. Don't carry something that he is in yours. Hold space for all people involved and observe the causes of all actions. See the lesson behind it all. Explain the situation to our inner child and then find ways to let it come to the present, like: 

Lay on the bed or on the floor and release the tension in the body and mind, heart stomach, muscles, feet. Calm your water and adjust the frequency.

Find something that brings you comfort for example the soft pillow, incense sticks, a soft blanket etc. 

Ease your mind & let your inner child come into the present with you to feel joy, to create express, play, listen to music or think of something of the future by using the epigenetics instructions (of your elevated thoughts and emotions of intense gratitude as the prayers & vision have already been answered).

Alter the old ways of being thinking & feeling by rewriting your reality in the midst of chaos like the light warrior that you are! :)

Feel, see, expand in size and light, rewire the brain as many times necessary and transform your life.

I hope you’ve found this article helpful. If you did please share it with your friends and in groups and follow us on social media.

Thank you for being here!

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.


Andriana is the founder of Conscious Alignment & Co-Creator of Team Light Cyprus. 

Her purpose and passion is giving people the tools, guidance & inspiration for creating an empowered version of self in all aspects of life. She is dedicated into assisting, healing & activating people by sharing her gifts through authenticity, simplicity & spiritual mastery. Find out more at www.consciousalignment.co.uk

Sunday, 20 June 2021

My 21 day water fast & DNA Activation download

Hello warrior family,

If you follow me on social media, you already know that I did a 21 day water fast and today I’d like to share more details about this experience and how it helped me to become more able to receive another download related to dormant DNA.

As you may already know from this posts or my other online platforms, I share about my ascension journey and embodiment as I go along.

In 2020, I had a core activation where all the information and experiences that I had since 2012, came full circle and I gained a bigger innerstanding and clarity of how all these things work when it comes to embodiment and what truly means to work with the body and mind, through physical and energetic alchemy.

After working with my spirit guides daily on learning how to clear my vessel and environment from entities that were causing inflammation is distortions and integrating my aspects with specific techniques, I came to a point where I had to take a break to completely unplug from everything in order to FEEL what exactly took place and how all these processes affected my vessel.

It is definitely not an easy process to keep entering myself into situations that were causing physical and energetic blockages in order to learn about the clearing while also processing past and present timelines and transmuting them all at once but it’s worth it! Mastering the self takes time effort and a lot of repetition so we can definitely use as much help as we can from permission slips that align us more with our true nature and blueprint.

I have been guided to do an extended water fast before really realizing the reasons or benefits, I just wanted to try it. In the beginning it was to lose the body fat that accumulated throughout this process and the three lockdowns that we’ve been in, but later on I gain more clarity  by feeling the difference in energy levels and the processes of the body. 

If you want to learn more information about water fasting or intermittent fasting and how to do it, check my fitness blog here.

During my 21 day water fast I lost 10 kilos of body fat (22 pounds). If you think about it, we take vacations, we have weekends off from work, we rest our bodies through sleep, and we "take a break" to rejuvenate from stress. 

One thing, though, that we hardly ever do, is take a break from food for longer lengths of time.

Our digestive system is very busy and hard-working, which requires high amounts of energy; in fact, the digestive system can even drain energy needed for healing, repair and general maintenance of the body (plus all the other daily distractions in our lives). Fasting is an ancient tradition practiced for thousands of years for curing illness of all kinds, rejuvenation, clarity and decision making, cleansing and strengthening. You can find more details here .

Fasting is a message to your body that you're embarking on a new beginning, flushing out the old and bringing in the new. It was a perfect time for me to do this since we are in these energetic shits, eclipses etc, to shift things into a more positive and balanced direction.

As the internal healing was taking place, I was doing more and more research on the topic but I couldn’t find information for the energetic aspect things, so I had to tune in and to monitor my journey so that I can provide information about it all.

During my fast I realized that I had no desire or energy to focus on the external reality and that somehow I stopped processing other people’s emotions or energy in general. 

I felt my higher aspects more present and things that I had responsibility over were no longer there for me. Those responsibilities were mostly energetic work that I do for not only myself but for my clients, bloodline, neighborhood and territory i general. I was ‘on vacation’ feeling fully supported to just heal and be in bliss. The ‘shadow’ aspects were on vacation too but some of them were very present to shield things while I was ‘away’.

I was more able to fully innerstand what slowing down meant completely and what being fully present in the moment felt like. 

It’s crazy how much work our bodies do without us realizing it. I was just processing my emotional state internally inside the DNA and how this was changing everything about my mentality, my clarity and how my energy was being used before.

I was detoxing on all levels, in the physical - internal DNA - biology, mentally by observing my thoughts and energy levels and all the processes that have been going on, as well as energetically when it came to not being a part of the external game for a while. I've never experienced this type of connection before. All my senses were heightened tenfold etc. After a while I felt like I was missing cooking and the whole ritual of it. Since my body was in autophagy mode and I wasn’t hungry at all, I didn’t miss eating food, just preparing and smelling it, so I found myself watching cooking videos on youtube or even shows about eating disorders and I was studying the mentality behind the traumas that kept people in a loops.

When it came to the refeeding process I felt a relief not because I wasn't enjoying it or because I was hungry but because I was getting too sensitive to smells and to the metallic taste in my mouth (from the ketones and the detoxing of my tongue) and even all the smells on me and around me. Then more I was detoxing the more sensitive I began to be with even my own body odor. This was strange because I rarely use products that have harming ingredients for the body. 

The other reason I felt a relief was the fact that my gut has been dormant for so long that feeling bowl movements again was amazing; because I could feel my solar plexus being in transition to opening again. I even missed processing things no matter how uncomfortable! Which was funny!

What I loved most during the refeeding process was the ecstatic feeling of everything I was tasting. It was like eating for the first time, everything tasted divine and I developed a deeper appreciation for food and for this physical life.  I was so clean that I could fee fireworks exploding in my brain..I was basically feeling high for almost two weeks after breaking my fast from all the hormones within my body. 

If you would like to know what foods worked best for me to break my fast, check my water fast highlight on my instagram page here .

Another positive feeling was the fact that I had more energy to do things in the external reality.  When you are in a fasted state you don't have huge amounts of energy like you used to when you were eating and your energy levels are fluctuating daily. One day you might have a lot of energy and the next day you might need to sleep the whole day because when you rest, your body focuses 100% on detoxing; but as the days go by you feel more and more energetic.

The refeeding process is also a time for discernment, to really check yourself not to repeat the old ways of eating

(if you are an emotional eater and you eat for pleasure etc

then this is your time for ‘shadow’ integration). Take notes and be honest with yourself when it comes to this.

 Another thing that I realized was when you introducing food to the body again might be difficult at the beginning because your body needs to wake up slowly and adjust to foods again, so you may have some food sensitivities or intolerances that you weren’t:t aware before that used to cause inflammation.

After week 3 of the refeeding process, I was beginning to feel frustrated that my solar plexus was not 100% active, because I wanted to do energy work and flex my energy around my house etc, but I had to be patient as everything had the right timing and reason for happening in this way, which I will share further down.

As I said in the beginning, the ‘shadow’ aspects had to go on vacation too and since we are integrating our shadow, I realized after tuning in, that an aspect on my stream got lazy and it felt like I was dragging him. My energy felt heavy like someone liked to NOT to do things or avoid responsibilities. 

Since the solar plexus was dormant and the digestive system was taking a break, it wasn't spinning fast enough. When I was transitioning during the referring, I felt an opening on my aura that even though I was pushing my chi to expand and spin around me, I couldn't shake things off like before and this was very frustrating. In a way, I couldn't ground fully in my space, only in my body. 

And here I realized the different ways of grounding. It’s a different feeling. I wasn't able to push cables or to feel what was in my space energetically, so I was in an in between state and I made a request to my stream to show me what was going on.  Another thing that I realized was that since we have free will, I was presented with a choice. To either request consciously to change this situation or to fall back and go unconscious to old habits that are feeding the shadow side agendas on my stream of consciousness (related to emotional eating etc). 

Upon tuning in I felt that there was something energetically on my stream that needed to be called out, cleared\crossed over or integrated through boundaries and an agreement.

So I can definitely tell that I am more self aware of my energy and how it is being used not only by me but by my higher aspects too. That's why it took longer for me to share about this experience because I knew there was more coming.

The reminder that I got was: ‘You are the one who determines what reality you choose and what timeline you wish to be on, through your actions’.

This was my own test to pass. To choose to maintain homeostasis or to let the mind direct me to old habits and emotional instability of the external.

Fasting is a tool to become a better version of you.

The way to snap out of the old by redirecting the mind giving it a job to do. When I realized what was taking place, I had to ask myself:

 Who do you wish to be if this is your own movie?

Act as if you are that version already and choose the healthiest ways of expression. Fasting is your tool to heal from the inside out and not from the outside in. You can use external things to help but your alignment is up to you. All the techniques are available to shift you internally but if the internal shift doesn't happen, then it’s just a pretend game, not a true alignment.

 Be mindful of self sabotaging thoughts and provide balanced solutions through integration.

Get in touch with your feeling body again and ask yourself:

What are you feeling?

 Are you bored?

 Are you emotional?

 Are you stressed?

Are you breathing deeply and effortlessly?

if no, why not? Express.

Do you need more water?

Do you need a break?

Be more like you were during your fast and apply what you’ve learned when you were tuning into the body feeling all the processes & the detoxing.

Be more aware of your energy and your energy levels and all the distractions. 

How and which foods are affecting your energy? 

Which foods no longer help you? 

Decide to change your diet maybe cut out a few things or re-introduce things to figure it out. 

Assist your body. After the fast your body is operating on a higher frequency so when doing the reseeding, if you cannot hold that frequency (your shadow, your mind) will try to protect you from the unknown, so you will unconsciously  lower your frequency to go into something more familiar. Your job is to pass the test and guide your mind to be ok with the unfamiliar.

Make sure there is a clear channel and energy flow on the centre of the your chakra stream, your silver cord and the sides of your abdomen because this is how you can identify blockages or entity possessions. You can learn more about it here.

Energetically you can’t  feel your environment until you open your feeling ability on purpose by doing the work.

If you get overwhelmed or frustrated by the whole process, you trigger emotions and thoughts that have a direct effect on the body etc. So take it slow, watch what is trying to sneak back in and change your timeline with conscious choices. If you need any guidance related to this topic or any other assistance feel free to contact me. 

If one chakra is out of balance then all the chakras can be affected by it.  

When the heart is blocked, it blocks the throat chakra and then the crown and so your energy wings cannot expand or flex around you and you hit an energetic ceiling. 

During the fast, some chakras go dormant for awhile and you need to help your body remember how to spin them again by going light body push your ceiling up by removing any chords that try to limit your power or drain your energy. Build up your momentum slowly, start walking or running until you feel strong enough to lift some weights to build your stamina and to help your organs filter new blood that will assist you to process information and energy again.

Another important thing that I almost forgot to mention is Enemas.

If you are about to begin a fast or end a fast or even in your day to day life, enemas are a great way to eliminate toxins and clear all the things that are stack in there.

 It keeps things clean and the chi flowing.

 I am here to help. Try not to go into the extremes. Don’t overdo the fasting and don’t obsess over your weight. Keep it balanced. The body craves simple, unprocessed, fresh wholesome foods. Be prepared to be okay with changing your eating habits or your food preferences. There are cycles and timeline shifts that need to be completed.

When I had a core activation back in 2020, I was guided to create a pdf guide with the techniques that I learned from my spirit guides on how to assist the body to clear entity attachments, inflammation and blocked energy that in time helps the dormant DNA to activate. he techniques and to be able to share what I learn with my clients. When I had the core activation I was shown the following download but I kept forgetting how to physically do it because my body wasn’t ready to hold a higher frequency of information. 

I have now gained more clarity on the visualization aspect during the whole process. I received the download both by feeling it and seeing it because this is how I work with my guides. We all have different ways of decoding information and different skillsets (That is why it is important to work together, we hold different pieces of the puzzle). The whole body, mind and the entire DNA is being activated and used during this process and you feel your energy wings flexing. This time I was shown the next step of unlocking the dormant DNA as a new set of wings.

I know that I haven't shared much information on my platforms about the core activation and the techniques and that most information is included in the pdf guide, but since this download came after the water fast I thought that it would be best to share it here. 

In the pdf I mention many things in great detail about grid work and about specific stretching and pressure point techniques that activate dormant strands of DNA when going light body and many other important things.

Here’s the download that I received a day after my birthday.

There is more clarity about the stretching techniques as you realize the process of doing the gridding / wing flexing and the way you claim back the sovereignty of your consciousness & of your physical and energetic ‘ground’.

This is step 2 of how to step into sovereignty after closing your processing mechanism (solar plexus) in water fasting.

The previous step was the inner and outer circle, the inner as in the inner tree (as in the shield the sword of the consciousness (click here for more), and so now we extend our wings from the ground to the 4 directions of the room using the hands bringing them behind our back and using the alpha and omega muntras by bringing the left and right into one body of consciousness to meet in the middle at the lower back and then we open our hand ( T ) 

to hold the left and the right & shoulder to shoulder and then we bring the hands back again into oneness with the muntra (that creates an inverted triangle energetically). I might create a youtube video in the future that shows this so stay tuned. 

Next step: 

Bring the hands together at the back as one, and up above the head we look, from inside the inner ‘tree’, from down the root, through the





to the tunnel of the 3rd eye in sovereignty and free will by breathing and exhaling through a triangle that our hands\fingers create above the crown (the eye of the crown, the triangle muntra), connecting the physical vessel to the higher dimensions and the parallel versions of self. 


For the inner tree-non inverted triangle we use the alpha and omega muntras here .

The dormant DNA activation code comes in sovereignty through visualization and action when the vessel & the consciousness is ready. 

The activation begins when you lay on the ground with your heart center touching the floor and you breath to calm down your nervous system. Then you go into Child pose. 

Head on the ground and feet together using the sacred geometry within our own nature, like the insect geometry. 

Like a spider (αράχνη). 

Each leg or hand creates. You see the spider as a physical being. Now see the spider as an energetic being that is you. 

Each leg is another dimensional access. Each leg is an energetic wing for you. Each leg is an aspect of self that exists on one vessel. You are the center, the core, that the legs stem from and you can use each leg at will.

From the child pose you activate the ‘spider’ visual. 

Now move from the child’s pose and stand on your feet. 

Physically, as a vessel, you use only two legs, but you can use your two hands to express your creation by balancing the left and the right side \ hemispheres \ helixes of DNA,

as well as


through both

light and shadow


that meet in the middle

through the vessel, from

the heart


the back

and around

and up

and through

when you blow through the non inverted triangle above your crown.

The blowing-exhaling through the triangle represents your voice, your will, the logos (λόγος).

Your unique voice and frequency of the heart;

 and through the triangle you see your vision come into life

through the eye of the needle (the crown) through the unified field of consciousness.

It takes a concentrated chi and a lot of effort as a firm-tight & stable vessel in mass-density in a homeostatic frequency to be given access to the next code.

Reset, restart, reassess, restore, recalibrate, repeat, relearn in clarity and express in sovereignty through the heart the voice and visualization activation, using the sacred geometry of your nature and the natural world that you/we are apart of.

That is only one version of the many realities and expressions we have as a multidimensional vessel that can access different expressions of frequency & will. 

When we are ready (not in years, but in innerstanding) of the ascending consciousness, we enter into an accelerated frequency and perception & information & motion within the cells and the DNA both as biology and as a higher presence; as a higher, inner and outer that is both up and through as ONE. 

You are the I in the eye of the needle, that I and we (are).

The flower of life, its fractals, its circles, its triangles, all have a center (a core) that we can access through the heart, our inner core. It is all ONE. 

Combining the left and the right and merging the lower chakras into one triangle meeting at the back through the hands, we the go up and through, in and around the sides at shoulder level (holding them reigns of the reality) with our arms and from here we grid the space in all 4 directions from the child’s pose, to the standing on the two feet and then we bring them up above the head to see up and in and through, aligning all chakras and spinning them using our breath to concentrate the chi and and blow-exhale through the non inverted triangle of our hands above the head. 

When creating a triangle we are merging our balanced-integrated will into a unified physical creation, in harmony and homoeostasis through the eye of the crown that extends our access like a spider, using our energy wings that are parallel dimensions, infinite like the planets, the stars, the galaxies and the universes. 

This download came in a day after my birthday that helped me open up my solar plexus completely.

Birthday is another permission slip to access your birthright if you're ready. Returning information comes as soul pieces when the clarity and the next clarity moment of the now happens to be into alignment. 

When we fully ground within our nature, as one with all layers and versions of our nature and reality this is the embodiment of the unified consciousness and the meaning of it through this download.

We can also ground feeling the elements the water and its temperatures (find more info here).

When in contact with the elements, our true nature comes alive. In their contact and stillness we produce chi to stay alive within the breath that fuels the organism and spins the chakras to help the organs to exist and to create. It's a driving force that sustains life. Just like the four seasons, the four elements, the four directions.

We always create from the center.

The inner core of everything, when coming together and unifying into one, all layers, pieces, fractals and archetypes as well as thoughts and emotions and expressions bring a clarity moment of NOW, of deep grounding and present within, the I AM that is original geometry. 

I hope you’ve found this article helpful. If you did please share it with your friends and in groups and follow us on social media.

Thank you for being here!

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