Thursday, 2 June 2016

3rd Wave Mass Global Ascension| June 2016

Hello Warriors, 

Welcome to another month of Ascension. 

A few days ago I decoded some information that helped me in my journey and as you all know by now, I love sharing what I learn. Many of you have asked me many questions about the ascension so this time my insights will be of a great benefit for you.

We are passing through this transition by experiencing pain. This happens because a new life has began in a parallel earth. Everything that is happening now, is an indication that we are passing from this lifetime to another, without necessarily leaving our body. Many of us chose to ''die'' with emotional death rather than a physical one by letting a part of ourselves die in order to shift (our perception) into a higher frequency that resonates with the frequency of the New Earth. 

When we accept that we are the only ones responsible for our lives, then a new way of perception starts to clear the fog of our minds out. We can choose love rather than fear. Always. It's up to us to find ways to make peace with ourselves. When we are ready to accept this process, then things will start to flow (in a magical way). It's the way to activate a part of our consciousness that activates the higher mind-our multidimensional identity.

As above so below. We are in earth hell and we are bringing heaven on earth by mind control and change of frequency. In each direction 'above and below', there are 12 levels in total (6 above and 6 below). There are certain levels that souls go through in order to fully align and we are experiencing the beginning of the first step. It's the evolutionary processes of the human kind. Even the name-code EARTH indicates expansion.

We volunteered to step into this dream-experiment, in order to feel how it is to rediscover our true nature. Everything that is happening now, is happening within our consciousness. We could say that we live in a dream that our consciousness is dreaming of. This is the infinite mind, the source.

The most difficult part that humans have to experience, is the process of becoming and unbecoming. Time doesn't really matter now. What matters most is: How much pain can you handle? It takes effort, courage, determination, faith and trust for each step. 

The struggle you are facing right now, is a test to see if you are truly committed to the life you say you want. It's all about learning how to love. How to choose love rather than fear. How to choose kindness and silence. How to self control, self evolve, how to self love. When you love thyself, the whole world changes. Imagine if the whole planet learns how to practice self love. Do you know the best thing of all? It's already happening :) 

Sometimes, we even go into deep depression because there is something we need to find there. Depression is a teacher. We learn much more things in deep pain than when we are happy. That's why balance is important. Joy is the antidote of pain and sadness. Embrace both. It's there to remind us how to relax and let go. Know that you are exactly where you need to be, nothing happens by chance. Now, in this now moment, it's a new beginning. This beginning asks to be ready to receive love and believe that all is well. You are safe and guided.

Time is speeding up. The vibrational frequency of earth is rising, therefore our consciousness expands until reaching the beginning point. While we are in the process of reconnecting with our multidimensional mind, we gain information on how to grow in faith, in love, in compassion in courage etc. This is another reason why many people choose to leave earth physically. 

Earth is a place of polarity. This means that people come from different backgrounds in different levels and they make choices just like you do. Many people find it hard to let love in their hearts and they get trapped in fear. 

A week ago I was asked to write about cancer. Cancer is the main cause of deaths now on earth. Cancer like any other disease, is a warning sign that something needs your attention. If you keep ignoring the warning signs without acting with love (for your body, mind and soul ) then you choose to leave and come back again and again until you evolve enough, learn the lesson and move on above that state.
 Death is a new contract you make. So if you decide that earth is too much for you to handle then it's ok, you leave this body to go to another dream where it's easier for you to evolve and gain the knowledge that interests you. If it comes naturally then your Soul asked for it. Separation & death is an illusion.
Whenever you choose light (self improvement, forgiveness, self love etc), you choose life. Whenever you choose darkness (hate, fear, ego, shadow talk etc), you choose disease,death or both. Disease and death come slowly because they have a very low frequency. It comes from within, it destroys you and then you move to another plane of existence. Light on the other hand is very high in frequency. Light radiates and it has healing powers that affect more and more people. Watch this video:

Cancer Cured in 3 Minutes * Presentation by Gregg Braden

So please make yourself the favour and observe your thought patterns. 

What are you constantly choosing & creating?

Here's an example of SELF: Self number 1 is dreaming of Self number 2. 

Self 2 is experiencing physical and emotional pain. Self 2 has the capability to experience also physical happiness and emotional fulfilment (both attributes in moderation). When self 1 decides that self 2 has experienced and decoded enough information (for the universal library),wakes up and decides to return to source or reincarnate to the dream-game, to improve what didn't work out. There are infinite dreams. All is mind.

When Self 1 reconnects to Source, then it becomes one with the  infinite  multidimensional mind. In this dream there are 12 dimensions. These 12 dimension have access to 12 more. 
My -self 2- is constantly activating the light codes in me (that come through faith, trust, action, gratitude, creativity, love, trust, excitement etc); in order to gain experience and new information that will benefit self 1 in other dreams-lives-realities. I know  right? :P

When self 2 experiences difficulties or even diseases, it doesn't have to die physically. What self 2 needs to know is that it can now shift into a parallel reality by consciously choosing to be in the higher frequency, healed and healthy like never before (mind shift into the best feeling thoughts and realities by believing that the change already happened and that this is one of the abilities that self 2 has as a creator). Thought changes the particles in the brain and this causes physical changes. Thought is energy and where energy goes, energy flows. 

So new earth means that Self 2 can now shift into a state where the evolutionary process can be experienced with ease without struggle and pressure. Many people cannot conceive this but it's ok. Don't judge them. Just let them be. They are not meant to do it. Each of us have different soul contracts that were made before our self 1 dreamed our self 2.

A few years ago, the earth was vibrating at around 7,8 hertz but now it's accelerating. 
The Schumann resonance hit more than 21 hertz. The Schumann resonance is the resonant frequency of the Earth's electro-magnetic field.  This demonstrates that the earth itself is changing. She is literally speeding up! This affects us and every living organism on earth because we are connected with the taurus energy of the earth. It will continue to rise until we reconnect with our galactic family. So the best time to wok on yourself in NOW!

More and more souls volunteer to come and help with the new earth project and many Ascended Masters and other beings incarnate to come and experience this beautiful transformation. Because each dream has its own essence, it's own 'taste'; that can only be translated into light and light means information.

So don't stress out for no reason! Learn how to control the mind. When you control the mind, you then control the body and when you control the body, you allow the flow of the universal energy to guide you towards your purpose in life. Trust and let go. Raise your frequency and align with what is. 

''Notice, as human beings surrender personal ego to focus on the universal, this is rising above the space-time overlap, to exist more consciously in multi-dimensional space and time. To truly function beyond ego, beyond analysis, judgement, frequency interference and filtered thought perception. The subconscious interacts directly with key sacred geometry or consciousness vibrating in form. This realigns with the core resonance, activating the original template, aspects of DNA and energy systems not functioning at optimum.''

So be creative, be love, be light! 

Ascend my beautiful warriors! :)

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