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How to Raise your Vibration & Control your Physical Reality

Hello Warriors,

Vibration is a fancy way of describing your overall state of being. Everything in the universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Even things that look solid are made up of vibrational energy fields at the quantum level. This includes you. From a metaphysical perspective, you’re a ‘being’ composed of several different levels of energy: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Each of these levels have a vibrational frequency, which combine to create your overall vibration of being.

When it comes to vibrations, there are higher frequencies and lower frequencies. Lower vibrations of being are associated with disempowering thoughts, negative emotions, poor health and little or no spiritual awareness. Higher vibrations of being, on the other hand, are associated with empowering thoughts, positive emotions, good health and strong spiritual awareness. People with higher vibration can control their lives because they know how to control their mind (that creates realities) and body (that carries the soul).
So how do we raise our vibration? It all sounds well and good in theory, but how do we do it in practice? I’ve created a list of some of the things that work for me. Try them out for yourself, adapt them to suit your own needs and repeat over time. Happy awakening! :)
1. Find an exercise you enjoy and slot it into your everyday routine so it’s easy for you to do.
Exercise gets chi circulating around your body and helps your system clean all the unwanted toxins, it's a great way to raise your vibration. It also helps you to ground and gives you an opportunity to clear mind chatter. You don’t have to visit the gym five nights a week or train like an Olympic athlete, just find a physical activity you enjoy and build it into your routine in doable, repeatable ways. For example I like walking and running. Some days I do yoga and dance in my room. 
2. Meditate.
Meditation helps you become more conscious of your thoughts and your environment, which helps you to break bad habits and change the way you perceive reality. It also creates space for inspiration and spiritual awareness to come through. Meditation reminds you who you truly are and what's your purpose on this planet. Again, you don’t have to meditate like a yogi or a Zen monk, simply set aside 10 - 20 minutes each day, sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and practice resting in the space between your thoughts. Become one with the sounds.
3. Be aware of what you watch, listen to and read.
Every form of media has a vibration. Many if not all things on TV, keep your IQ level low and you become receivers of fear, hate and conformists watching stupit tv shows that waste your time. Include higher vibrational forms of media in your life with inspirational, educational and transformational messages. Try not to watch TV or if you have to, choose wisely! Choose who you want to be. Remember that everything is energy, so be mindful of the frequencies you’re submerging yourself in.

4. Drink lots of water.

Water is a form of energetic life force. Drinking plenty of it throughout the day (filtered, preferably) will help your body flush out toxins and keep your energy levels and vibration nice and high as well as keeping your body in an alkaline state and prevents diseases and pathogens from surviving. It boosts the brain nervous system, listen to your body, it guides you and tells you everything you need to know. Over 70 percent of your body is composed of water and every function in the body is dependent on water, including the activities of the brain and nervous system. Click here to read my article on how to create your DNA. 

5. Spend some time in nature every day.
It’s easy to get caught up in today’s world of information and forget the natural world. There is a reason why the systems around the world try to keep people busy and away from nature. Because nature speaks to the soul! Whether it’s a bush walk, a stroll along the beach or a quick half hour walk through the local park on your way home, getting out into nature each day will help you clear your mind, ground, become more present and remember you are part of a beautiful, living, interconnected planet. I find myself smiling each time I walk and tune myself in nature, I breath in life and let the bird sounds carry away all thoughts and blocks I have in me.
6. Eat fresh, healthy, wholesome food.
Along with containing nutrients, food has an energetic vibration to it. Choosing healthy, fresh, whole foods over processed, frozen, stored or chemically altered will help you raise your vibration and unlock hidden parts of your DNA. Try to buy organic and swap junk food snacks for healthier alternatives. Always read the labels and know what you’re putting into your body. For the las couple of months I switched from vegetarian to vegan (low fat high carb vegan). I feel like never before! I'm full of energy and I have insights all the time!
7. Get some form of energy healing and re-balancing every couple of months.
Reiki and shiatsu are both great modalities for healing, rebalancing and promoting vibrational change in your life. Find a good practitioner and commit to going every couple of months. You’ll always feel better afterwards and be glad you did.
8. Take at least one step towards your soul’s task every day.
Even if you just get some ideas down or do some planning. Working towards your soul’s task each day will help you feel happier, more fulfilled and content that you’re doing what you came here for. If you don’t know what your soul’s task is or want some direction and structure, find a good coach who can help you. My diet gives me a lot of energy, so I feel the need to do things! Even now it's unbelievable to me because I was very lazy before and now I can't wait to get up to start my day!
9. Create a higher vibrational home or sanctuary-like space for yourself.
It’s important to have a space where you can be peaceful and creative. If you live with others and can’t change the whole house, just focus on making one room your higher vibrational hangout. Buy some lamps, candles, incense sticks, plants or crystals and decorate your space so it feels peaceful, inspirational and supportive. Put some meaningful objects too and set an intention for what you want to create next upon your path.
10. Set goals and consciously plan your day/week.
Take some time each day or week to consciously plan your week ahead. Set an overall intention and specific goals for each area of your life. Visualize yourself achieving your most important goals and play the images through your mind like a film. Then, break each goal down into doable steps and put the steps in your diary. Make sure you’re making the most of your life and doing the things that matter to you.
11. Actively develop your spiritual awareness.
Whether its learning how to communicate with your higher self, joining a spiritual development circle or simply taking time to reflect on the spiritual dimension more often, developing your spiritual awareness will remind you that you’re connected to an all-encompassing force and that there’s a much bigger reason as to why we’re all here. Add people on Facebook that have the same interests as you and try to talk less with all the rest. Join groups and communities that will motivate you and wake the warrior in you.
12. Heal and let go of the past.
Most people go their whole lives without ever clearing out the cobwebs and as a consequence prevent themselves from living a happy and fulfilled life. If you feel you might have unresolved emotional patterns or negative belief systems from your past, find a good practitioner who can help you work through them over a number of sessions. You can also change the belief patterns of yours by realising that the past doesn't define you. Go to tip 4 and read my article if you haven't already (I explain the reasons why we go through hard times and how to overcome them).
13. Practice forgiveness and compassion.
Before forgiving someone, make sure you’ve re-established any boundaries that were crossed and communicated this to them. Sometimes we also need to allow time and space before we’re ready to forgive someone.Remember that everyone is only acting from their current vibration and they reflect your own vibration in order to show you what needs to be changed. You must find a way to let go of resentments or the anger you might be carrying towards others and try to focus only on positive thoughts. I used to get upset each time somebody was saying ''think positive'' because I couldn't really get to that stage. Until the universe put me in so challenging situations where my brain was like: ok..hold on, you have two choices..going crazy or start over with a different perspective. Go general—Watch this video for more clarity: 

14. Don’t blame your circumstances for your vibrational shortcomings.
For sure a home and job that supports and encourages a higher vibrational way of life is always preferable, but for a lot of people this just isn’t possible. You must therefore take full responsibility for your awakening and transformation in the face of lower vibrational energies and triggers, and put strategies in place that support you. If you can’t do this, what hope does the world have? Life on earth has duality, positive and negative, black and white, male and female. You have the power and the ability to go through a lot of things because your soul is being renewed each time you come out of a storm. Sometimes you can't avoid it but trust me the feeling after the storm is indescribable..just find the be patient and trust your instincts.

15. Remember that it’s all about balance.
Just take doable, regular steps and enjoy the process enjoy the miracle of life! When something gets you out of balance (out of the vortex) simply step right into it again. Transformation is a gradual process with a few intense shifts along the way. It’s inevitable there will be times when you slip back into your old ways and feel like you’re going two steps forwards and one step back. Go easy on yourself during these times, get the learnings, refocus and get back on your way again. Whether it’s in this lifetime or the next, you’ll get there eventually, and in the end it’s really about the journey anyway.

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Hello, my name is Andriana Papacharalambous. I’m a member of the 144000 living in a human suit. I am a Freelance Journalist - Vegan food Blogger, Author, Transformational Coach, Intuitive writer -Spiritual Teacher, Freelance Vocalist & Earth Activist. I have a passion for truth, knowledge, the earth, health, getting back to our roots and embracing our potential and consciousness as a species. I'm a warrior of light and as a light worker and master teacher, my mission is to enlighten the genetic code of humanity and raise the God consciousness on Gaia, by evolving and sharing my knowledge with as many people as possible. My vision is to create a better planet for future generations.

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