Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Grand Opening| Solar Codes |Braiding Timelines

Hello warriors,

A Grand opening is now open for the higher dimensions. On March 12th, we have entered a deeply transformative Gateway and we are being presented with another collective trigger passage. Our core will need to be stable and aligned with your new template in order to receive and transmit the Solar codes to Gaia.

This is a powerful three week Ascension passage and another collective timeline shift until April 15th. Expect a strong detoxifying effect on all levels from this passage. We are asked to own our embodiment and our new template.
Many things have been orchestrated and put in place for us to step up into our true reason for being here at this time. 

We are part of the most important times in the history of our planet. We are being prepared to contribute greatly to this experience by directing our vision with love and faith for the new earth. Continue to raise your frequency day by day and be an uplifter to those who you come in contact with. Stabilise your emotions by remaining calm and compassionate reminding yourself that this is just a transitions that will soon be over. It might seem hard to remain calm in such times because all past negative actions that we did in previous lines since Lemuria and Atlantis, are being sorted out for this great shift! Any transformation gets worse until it gets better. Rise in love with what you are presented with.

There is always change in direction. You go through one path, you learn from it, you evaluate your ups and your downs...and you get better. You are on the path of change that is going to lead you where you want to be! If it was easy you would't be here on this path! Go into these changes knowing that it's going to get better because you are going to make it better! Accept and welcome that. Those are the challenges that test our strength and power of how ready we are to remove any attachments and focus on what matters most. 
  • Which reality are you sending your consciousness into?
  • How do you see yourself and how do you want to live from now on? 
  • Every day can be your chance to a better life.
  • Are you going to take action or just conform and stay where you are?

Are going to step forth and start processing and clearing your inner stuff? Are you ready to release them hold space for the new timelines that are now braiding together? This period hat seems so chaotic to many of us is temporary and this is just a transition point where we show what we've been studying for so long. Keep one positive foot in front of the other and be aware of the mind traps. 

Focus on the present moment of what you want to manifest and why! Don't distract yourself, make the right moves- choices and don't judge! Stay clear and let this cycle close. Have an image in your mind of how would you like things to be, work on your belief systems and be grateful of your present moment focusing only on what makes you feel good. This is how to control the entire construct around you.

Remember that you have the higher ground and that you are holding the field for your family and loved ones so start creating your desired reality. Earn that! The force within you is now being tested.
Are you going to pass this test? 
How bad do you want to make it?
  1. Hold the field and when things start to feel off, go find your thing in order to be the happy being that you are and keep manifesting the reality.
  2. Do what brings you balance! (walk, run, meditate, breath, sleep, yoga, etc). 
  3. What makes you feel alive?
  4. Cut the chords. 
  5. Maintain your higher ground and your positive belief system. Pay attention to who is trying to drop your frequency when everything is going great. 
  6. Detach and remember your power. 
  7. Help and guide those who ask for help by explaining how things did or do help you when you were\are in that situation. 
  8. Be strategic and know when to make your moves, trust your intuition and the signs that you are getting. 
  9. Release your night sides and blow that heart chakra on love fire :) 
  10. Integrate, be responsible of how you treat others, be compassionate.

In this period, the old subliminal thoughts will start to rise and try to trigger you in order to take over, as this continues to happen you must have something greater that overwrites that despair to make it through! How do you do that? Create something though the hard work, where so you see your weakness? Work on it. Are you working on your dreams in the NOW? Life is an overlapping experience and everything is interconnected into another like cycles within cycles. Get rid of all those weaknesses and accept the journey. 

With tremendous effort comes tremendous reward. We are a love warriors and now it's our time to shine! Now it's our time to take over and show the way that will change everything! Now it's our call! You are better than this and you will move on. Whatever the problem is fix it because you have the belief and the confidence to get yourself out there and say what's next! What else can I overcome? Who else can I help? No more room for fears and weaknesses! Once identified it can be fixed! Don't settle! Push through by responding with love! You are standing in your own way..why don't you just stop being that limited thinking person only for once? Believe in the person you always knew you can be and just become it!

Be creative and honour your new skills as they present. Make time during your day to connect with the Human Heart Grid.

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