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Akashic Structures|Activations|Dreamtime Matrix

Hello Warriors,

Today, I would like to give you some tips on how to release the old akashic belief structures, how to decode your dreams and to remind you that our state of consciousness is our operating system that directs our brain to determine what frequency of reality we perceive to be true.

As we are able to merge our thought and emotions into a unified perception of reality , our consciousness and processing speed expands and we are able to download a new 'operating system' to meet the needs of our ever expanding consciousness.

Since we've incarnated here, we've stored a lot of information and beliefs that still exist in us (and in our higher selves) in the here and now. Some of these older belief structures need to be cleared up to make our operating system work better and to make room for the new software update where we can absorb more light.

Multiple timelines exist in parallel realities of different frequencies and speeds. As we are developing into upper dimensional beings, our DNA from carbon based becomes crystalline based and we can receive more light-codes faster aka more information.

When this happens we start to take responsibility for our sovereign right and free will, requesting aid from our higher selves and guides.

What happens when you maintain a high frequency but things trigger you to the point that you say enough..something needs to change here?

Releasing past events can be overwhelming at first but with small steps at a time and by maintaining consistency and patience things get easier. A really good tip is to find a way to move the energy of our body, your chi. There are some energy blockages in us that need to be cleared and now it's the best time to do this because it can happen fast in no time.

Find your vibrational harmony. Instead of blocking the new frequency waves, understand the perspective of the role you are playing here on earth.

 If you start your own vibration in the morning and you set your day in a way that is enjoyable to you doing the best that you can do in each moment then you start clearing those blockages out.

 If you really want to release the old then you have to be willing to do so. What are your core values? 
Define your goals more clearly.
Always question yourself (just like in an interview) and get to know you better.

Don't jump into the boat with everyone else, be in your own timeline but be balanced and help when needed.

Use music, sunlight, fresh air, water, good food, nature and physical movement of your choice.

What is your morning ritual?
Are you a morning person or a night person?
What makes you feel good?

Remember that you are doing this because you are responsible for the vibration that you are emitting to the world, by helping yourself you are influencing positively those who are still asleep. The world needs you now, help them grow. Live from the heart space of knowingness and let things unfold.
  • Are you affirming your visions, goals and dreams?
  • Do you have a sacred space in the house or a spot in nature that you like visiting to ground and clear?
  • Are you watching depressing things?
  • What are you constantly thinking or obsessing about?
  • How is your self-talk attitude?
  • Do you come in contact with people who value you and respect you?
  • Are you being inconsiderate, selfish, not flexible or not available for people you love?
  • Do you drink smoothie or coffee?
  • Do you have any addictions?
  • What kind of music do you like? Does it uplift you or stresses you out?
  • Do you take time to close your eyes and feel the sun filling your heart? Breath this light in, let it warm you up and bypass the lower holographic matrix. Let your heart dance to the rhythm. Let the good vibes expand your field and amplify this light out to light up your environment.
  • Are you setting new challenges for yourself?
  • Do you help your muscles and cells to release the old by shaking them up?
  • Create your desired reality with your intension and action.
  • Clean your space regularly and enjoy your inner and outer bliss by aligning and harmonising yourself. Let the inspiration drive you.
  • Create, give love, work on your goals, finish your to do list,  plan a trip, work on your manifestations daily  and enjoy. Check any urge towards impulsiveness that stems from frustration.

Let's talk about dream time:

Sometimes the processing of dreamtime leaves us with a strange feeling during the day. What we can do is to find the projection point within the first 5-15 minutes we wake up. This can be described as a virus program that was running during our sleep to hack our subconscious.
What we can do is to hack this system from the inside out by trying to go back to sleep and continue where we left it but this time we should observe the dream and try to find the hole in our personal field. Fear tests come from the lower chakras, which means we have attachment that need to be released. Forgive yourself and others.
Slow down, listen to the inner voice, be receptive to spiritual impressions streaming in like a warm wind and see how old betrayals and old situations redirected you to learn to act in your best interests.
It’s time to enjoy your life playing the galactic role you were born to play and join with others so all may overcome these forms of old. See the Light of who you are beneath and beyond ego opinions and assumptions. Quit your mind so you can feel the heart. 

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Hello, my name is Andriana Papacharalambous. I’m a member of the 144000 living in a human suit. My mission as a starseed is to share the algorithm of my development with the world and plant the seeds of the future through creativity and activity. I have a passion for peace, inner balance, the earth, getting back to our roots and embracing our human potential and consciousness as a species. I am an Alternative Journalist, Author, Ascension Guide - Transformation Coach, Intuitive Writer & Vegan Food Blogger. I offer online sessions for Spiritual Guidance and Support healing.

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