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How to Physically Clear Energy Blocks from Body & Mind

Hello Warriors, 

Today I am going to share a download that I received on the 20/10. I was shown by my guides how to clear energetic blockages from my physical body,
not only chakra clearing but removing thought loops & stagnant energy from the scalp and wanted to share this with you if you haven't already hear about it.
If you are interested on how to do this for yourself keep readying.

So here's what will be discussed:
  1. how to find stagnant energy inside the body (how to clear each chakra point)
  2. how each chakra is related to all other chakras,
  3. how to find stagnant energy inside the scalp,
  4. how to apply pressure on the nerves to break it down,
  5. how to direct that energy out the scalp from the back of the head.

Everything starts with the two halves of our body. The left side and the right side. I was shown that the healing & clearing happens in the middle. When the two become one.


1. Breath from the root chakra and exhale moving the energy up your spine and out of the top of your head using the kundalini. The following clearing is a form of scanning the body and clearing it at the same time. 
2. Use both hands and start applying pressure on the left side of your body, on the organs. You will start feeling where here is tension-pain. The energy movement starts from the area below and around your belly button. 
3. Squeeze that area from the intestines to the belly button and move that energy upwards. 
4. Use your thumbs and always use both hands. 
5. Move the energy from the organs, bladder, the side of the hips with both your palms to the centre of the 2ndchakra. 
6. Touch your thumbs together so that your belly button is at the centre and your hands form a pyramid. 
7. Take the energy from your lower back as well and move it to your ribs and direct it at the same time to your heart. 
8. Hold your hands together and touch your thumbs together and your pinkies together.
Your pinkies touch the area above your belly button and your thumbs rest on your hear centre. 
9. Move the energy from the heart to the chest and from your chest to the back of your neck the sides of your neck & throat using both palms. When you do this put your palms in a way so that your pinkies touch the left and right temporal recession (see image) and your thumbs touch the sides of your neck (your middle and point fingers should be at the back of your neck). 
10. From there, move the energy with your palms, up your face, ears, forehead and direct it out from your hair & crown chakra. Let it leave your body from the hair out. In this type of clearing, everything clears up the spine, from the front chakras, going up the neck, nerves and out of the spinal chord.


Now for removing stagnant energy from the scalp you need to find the right pressure points. When you do you will feel the energy block like an implant. 
You start from touching the sides of the neck and back of the neck, as explained earlier, and find the energetic blockages by feeling where it hurts when you apply pressure. 
It's an area where the energy doesn't move and might cause headaches from time to time or thought loops that hack your frequency.

There are two areas to apply pressure. The first one is on the right side of the temporal recession. Apply pressure there and follow all the way to the Auriculo T. to Malar B. Of TM to Temporal BR of the Tem.Molar (see the 1st image at the top of the page for more info).
 It can be massaged out from the front to the side and then to the back of the head to be moved out from the spinal chord (the exit of the 3rd eye).

The second one is from the neck, the sides of the neck, behind and below the ears. 
From the Auriculo Temporal nerve down to the superficial cervical vein so that it can be moved from the trapezius and out from the back of the heard (spinal chord) see image for more info.

Feel of there's any pain when you pressure it and do this until the pain is gone. 
It's like massaging a muscle until the tightness is gone. 
Those are stored experiences and thoughts that keep looping and when we go through energetic-DNA upgrades and activations those are forced to be broken down
 or be moved and they cause pain and nausea. 

This can affect the physical reality too so that we can find a physical way to move that energy.
 Some of those stored thoughts can affect the speech and expression because if not cleared they sit at the back of the throat & neck. 
The throat is directly connected to the root chakra that is responsible for the feeling of security, grounding and flow of wealth. 
The throat is also connected to the heart centre. 
So if the throat is affected the heart doesn't open because the root doesn't feel safe and secure which leads to stress in the body and non grounding. 
This caused emotional reactions that are stored in the gut (click here to see how to access the dormant DNA). 

When doing the clearing use your intuition and feeling ability. Ask for assistance from the best healer on your stream and call your highest light aspect (4-5 times) to be present in the clearing process. Use your thumbs and pointer fingers for applying pressure. It might feel uncomfortable but it's necessary and when you finish you will feel so much better. 

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Thank you :)

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