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Embodiment | Unlocking the Dormant DNA

Hello Warriors, 

Today I am guided to share some information about Embodiment and how if feels when we are unlocking the dormant DNA.

Embodiment began in 2018 and it has has a strong effect on our personal and collective realities as we merge with our Higher Selves right through the body.

From my personal experience evens lined up in such way so that I could align myself with the right timeline that supports my embodiment phase and service. As I shared on my previous posts, I am at the beginning stages of embodiment and I am being trained by my higher selves and guides on how to unlock & activate parts of dormant DNA.

What do you mean by dormant DNA?
How does it work and how can someone do this?

When we work on our subconscious mind and become more self aware of our habits, thoughts, behaviors actions etc, our perception of self and the world around us changes, as we evolve and grow by passing our tests, we prove that we are ready for more. When we master ourselves we give permission to our higher selves to start working with us in more profound ways. 

The astrological events, energies coming from the galactic centre and the intense Gateways amplify our personal and collective timeline choices. We shift, align, and stay on point with your higher trajectory that assists with clarity, and allowing the unknown to unfold with ease and grace. Our DNA is quantum so everything that is happening affects us as humans in the physical and the non physical realms.

I am being taught that there is a state of consciousness where we can access our body as a physical suit, like we are wearing a layer of ether that we have control over, meaning we can operate within the ether by using specific muntras that activate functions within and through our inner and outer reality. 

We can direct prana and stimulate different processes within and without the body. While I was shown this it felt like we are a type of ship, a sort of device, machine and we can learn how to operate ourselves, how to process and adjust our layers.

 I was shown that what we call aura, is much more that just a word, it's like an operating system within that sphere, like we are wearing the reality like an accessory, we are literally connected, as one, with our bubble, our environment and expanding in our proximity we are the country, the earth, the galaxy and we can adjust clear and create though our merkhaba like the womb of creation itself.

My latest experience happened while I was connecting to our sun, I was being shown and tested on and off on how to disconnect from the mind and surrendering by opening up the flow of breath that gives access thought my heart and through the DNA. It feels like gravity changes for a while, you feel grounded but it's like you are floating.

The mind trys to control this experience and always has questions on what to do next to access more of that skillset but when we allow the mind to talk we lose alignment with that thread of information. It's basically like we are being hacked for accessing that trajectory. In my experience the hacking of the mind happened so that I could identify what was happening and be able to share it with you now.

There were beings controlling physical people that can or manifested or imposed upon, as thought patterns, beliefs in order to cause a negative emotion so that they can hack your field and stop you from accessing this skillset by looping in them over and over. It takes some effort at the beginning to dissolve this and stating your sovereignty.

The more powerful you are the more you are messed with so know this and be ready. It is important to use discernment to identify what thoughts are coming from you or who is trying to project in. This is why meditating is the first level of accessing your power. The more you master a skillset the stronger you become when you are being put in situations like this. Its like training a muscle. 

Be aware of those programs and claim back your power. You are sovereign, take control of the wheel and stir your ''ship'' like the creator you are.
So learning that the mind can be easily hacked when we are not self aware, we now know that we must learn how to ''control'' it (discern when something feels good and when it doesn't).

A way to practice this is by having moments of no thought where we just breath and feel our body, our heart, to connect with the suns, the sun within and the sun without and pulling light codes from the sun onto our suit. Ground within your body, feel it, stretch, move your energy, don't buy into the programming, embody this in your self and share what you learn though it to assist in the awakening process. We are here to activate ourselves and assist in any way that we can.

When you access this power within you (especially when charging from the sun) you feel like a small sun. When you choose to do this your higher selves step into your suit-physical body and teach you how to use this energy etc.

Merging the physical and the non physical can be hard to describe at times because there are very little words to describe the coding of every training and experience. It happens through telepathic connection, images in the mind's eye, feelings within and around the body, through movement, so the human/channeler/translator how to learn physical ways to translate energy into matter.

My higher selves had me identify my recent passion for exercising and I am taking a personal training course not only because I love exercising or want to know more about exercising but also because it's my permission slip for finding ways to express with the right vocabulary what happens within the body, muscles, cells, brain, and DNA in general.

How can I choose the best timeline for ascension?

1. Ground
2. Workout, move the energy, process it (check the previous posts about it)
3. Fasting and right nutrition plays a big part in this process, it is the key for feeling your body in a more profound way.
4. Stretch to break
5. Remember that our heart comes first, not the mind.
6. Become the best version of yourself every day, create a healthy routine, create time for yourself.
7. Share your journey, be creative, find a way to express what you learn.

Remember where you come from family and how old you are within your soul.
Grow strong. Amplify your light like the sun that you are.

After writing this post, the following video appeared on my news feed by Sandra Water that 
describes in great detail, analysis and scientific proof of what is happening and what I just shared thought my personal experience.

This is just the beginning.
Are you Ready?

Please share and comment your embodiment experience in the comment below to assist others who are going thought the embodiment phase too. 
Thank you :) 

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Andriana is the founder of Conscious Alignment & Co-Founder of Team Light Cyprus. 
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