Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Fear of Change

Many people would agree that resistance is part of the human condition. If it was easy to change, we would all be enlightened masters at this point. Why do people want change only in imagination and never in action? How do you get from wanting to want to change to actually change? You must first deal with the resistance right?
Many of you might never think think this way because you think there is no correlation between love of one self and change. Be honest with yourself, nobody is watching!Do you really love yourself? Do you treat your body and soul with love? Do you respect your existence as well as other people and animals around you? If yes this means you do have a healthy lifestyle and you don't procrastinate therefore you are more willing to change. But..if not then what should you do?
Firstly you have to realise that as humans we are all full of fears. The whole system manipulated us, changed our beliefs in order to have a fear-based attitude. It's easier for them to control us this way and sell their products to us. Just ask yourself this question: if fear was not an option, how would my life be? No thing can stop you except yourself from having and doing what you want! I you really want it, you will find 1000 ways to make it work instead of focusing on fear and find 1000 excuses why it might doesn't.
Why can only change when we truly accept and love ourselves, understand our mistakes and REALLY start changing with small steps at a time. When we accept ourselves, other people start appreciating us more and more day by day because we radiate love. Love heals and when we feel loved and accepted by ourselves first then other people around us have no other choice than to love us too because we show them that we value as personalities and we deserve the best. The past doesn't define us anymore! We are not what happened to us! If we chose to live in the present moment and not let our minds control us, then we start changing our reality. We begin to see ourselves through different lens.
Another key of change is to become active! To work on ourselves daily. For example every time you catch yourself procrastinating or come up with an excuse instead of an action, you must immediately fight this ego-based self! You are not this person! You didn't come to this earth to just sit on a chair and do nothing by waisting oxygen...You have a tremendous power within you that can literally change the whole structure of the universe. Governments around the world know all this stuff and hide the truth from us because they want to earn money through us! But if we wake up and say I no longer want to be a prisoner in me, the you'll start thinking out of the box and start expanding and progressing.Everything starts from within! It might seem very simple but if you start doing the things below in a daily basis with no excuses, something magical will start to happen. You will do a quantum leap in perception therefore your vibrations will rise, your health will improve, your conciousness with expand and you will start to feel your our existence not as a stranger in this world that came here out of the blue, but as someone who knows exactly what he\she wants from life.
  • Exercise! Don't find excuses like, I don't have time...there are 24 hours in one day, choose one!
  • Do meditation and yoga
  • Eat clean and try not to harm any animals
  • Be love-act with love. Don't judge people or situations. Even if you don't like something ignore it. Let karma do the job. Include a simple act of love in our day by giving something to someone or a group of people or animals.
  • Have a vision. A goal. Plan your life by pen and paper and go after your dreams like your whole life depends on them. Because it does.
  • Be more organised. Clean your house, keep your space clean because the place you live in says a lot about yourself. Pay attention o the details.
  • As I said above, the most important aspect you should focus on are your excuses. You have to observe your attitude like a third person does and start correcting yourself like you do with a little child. You have to get rid of anything that creates phobias and excuses. You must stop the negative mind and take responsibility of our thoughts.
  • Study! Read books about psychology, spirituality, watch videos that give your soul reasons to shine! If you need any suggestions here they are:
  2. Wayne Dyer
  3. Alan Watts
  4. Osho
  5. Sadhguru
  6. Greg Braden

Preparing for change requires a lot of work because we have to learn new processes, systems, and new ways of doing things. But it worths it. We really don’t know how things are going to go after the changes are put in place because we have to step our of the comfort zones and take risks but we must learn to have faith in ourselves and in the universe n order to grow. Everything we do is a chance to grow and expand! Always try to see the positives in life even if the situation you are at that moment seems endless and full of negativity. 
Remember that you create your world around you with your thoughts and that situations you are in are mirrors for you in order to see the meaning behind the curtain.

In order to change old programming we have to re-evaluate what works for us and what doesn't. To change completely our old beliefs means to change our subconscious mind by focusing on the new self that we want to create. By being ready to make actions means to get rid of old. Anything that comes up in your mind like clothes, items, photographs and anything that might remind us of the past. Even friends who no longer meet your desires.

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