Saturday, 9 September 2017

How to Restore the Living Library

Hello Warriors, 

Many changes have happened and will continue to happen until we all fully integrate, align and adapt to the new light codes and structures that assist us into our individual understanding of the cosmos and the Living library of this planet.

Gaia will be receiving more cosmic frequencies, solar flares and storms for divine changes to take place. 
So today I am going to share some of the downloads that I received and give you the keys on how to integrate these changes on a personal level.

The blueprint - template of reality is made of patterns that when changed, new patterns are being created to assist the new template. It's like a DNA of which when you add or take out a specific chromosome you create a new kind of organism. Repeated elements create a predictable manner. Just like thoughts create a predictable reality than can easily be analysed. Patterns have been repeated in the past/pasts and in the present until being noticed and changed. If not changed, they can repeat themselves over and over until eventually being learned and changed in a specific template-environment.

 Earth is a well made construct and time helps with patterns to be learned. Earth's living library can be restored when the current patterns of each individual change. What do we mean by change? Acceleration can happen when the mind is still and the heart is open pulsing love and light to all of creation. Do we really allow ourselves to go behind these worlds or do we just repeat the words without fully being emerged to the feeling of them? This means being in divine neutrality where mind and hearts is in harmony therefore thoughts and actions are aligned and in balance with the inner and outer world.

Let's analyse some patterns so you can feel the necessary steps. 

Nature patterns involve rotation and reflection. There are more patterns all around such as in mathematics, art, science, languages and computers. A macromolecule provides a patterns fir the synthesis of another molecule. The patterns of each individual create a template that in order to be understood and observed the mind must be still, the body to be relaxed and the heart to stretch out in order to help the mind translate energy into pictures, visuals and matter. 
A template is a blueprint or formula for creating a function. Each universe has it's own function. Each object is defined by class and function. 
There are patterns in everything. Software patterns, workout patterns, behavioural patterns, thought patterns, numerology patterns etc. 

Now you would ask, how can we actually rewrite these patterns?  

  • Observe them. 
  • Don't judge.
  • Be still and zoom out, see and acknowledge the current template that is played out if front of you. Read the patterns and reflections and let them be. There's no need to react because everything is just there for you to see. Once you SEE, things start to change and respond differently. 
  • Make a choice out of your heart not your mind. 

This is how you break the patterns and form new ones that create a ripple effect and can affect the whole holographic structure of people, plants animals and each living organism including planets, galaxies and this universe/ construct. Everything is connected and alive. Breathe in between patterns to rewrite the chemistry.

Kind Reminder: 
  • Inspire. 
  • Do what you love. 
  • Share it in any way you can/ want (picture, video, audio, article etc).
  • Write a gratitude list if the things that you love in your life. This helps you to raise you frequency and reminds you to connect to your heart rather than mind so it changes this pattern of yours and rewrites the thinking structure with the feeling structure.
  • If a situation made you want to react, write down and analyse where or when was it created, go back in your childhood and heal it. 
  • Each time something happens feel it and write an opposite feeling of gratitude about that person or situation.
  • Change each habit, start a different one, change your routine, be neutral. The path of least resistance is the one that helps you be in a receptive mode no matter what. 
  • Everything is working out for you and everything is here to hep you!

We are all doing such a great job together! Thank you for all that you are and all that you do! I love you all soul family!

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Hello, my name is Andriana Papacharalambous.  My mission as a starseed is to share the algorithm of my development with the world and plant the seeds of the future through creativity and activity. I have a passion for peace, inner balance, the earth, getting back to our roots and embracing our human potential and consciousness as a species. I am an Ascension Guide, Author, Alternative Journalist, Vegan Food Blogger, Founder of Conscious Alignment Platform and Co-Founder of Team Light Cyprus.

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