Saturday, 9 May 2015

The way Home

Hello Warriors, 

Today, the universe helped me to unlock another part of the program. I was listening to this song when source aligned me and guided me to this page. In this page there is information about the Arcturians and I felt the urge to write this post. The synchronicity of that moment was 111 and right after I finished, I heard a crow and the time was 444. So here is what I channelled:

What Bashar, Abraham, Seth and other entities are trying to do is to remind us who we truly are and what we are able to do. 

Order of things we have to do in order to allow change to shift us:

  • Firstly, we cut out things that don't belong to us. These things have to do with our ego. From habits to addictions. Control your body, control your mind, don't let them control you!
  • Secondly, we start to raise our vibration and then we start to communicate with our higher self.
  • By doing so, we come to realise that there is something else out there that we are related to and it is real. We belong there. We then see the picture very clear and we let the flow guide us. 

  • So by feeling our way home, we communicate with our consciousness, with the whole. 
  • When we pass the tests suddenly things will happen in our lives, people and entities will appear at some point and guidelines will be revealed to us. There are many ways that this may happen. We can have clues from situations we attract in our lives, from our insides (depending on how high we vibrate), through other people like channellers, during meditation, from specific herbs or even in our dream state.

The universe knows when you are ready, so in one way or another change will come to you. I haven't experienced some stages for long enough, so I can't really describe the process but as soon as I know, I will write an article on that to help you with your journey as well. Remember that by being able to read this in this exact moment it means that you are seeking change, expansion, you feel that you belong somewhere else and you have been guided here. So my little warrior, you are ready for your next step. I follow the steps just like you do and I love being able to assist you!

In order to control our physical reality and manage to communicate with the higher mind, there has to be silence within us. Gunilla Norris, meditation teacher and writer, said "Within each of us there is a silence – a silence as vast as the universe. We are afraid of it . . . and we long for it. When we experience that silence, we remember who we are: creatures of the stars, created from the birth of galaxies, created from the cooling of this plane, created from dust and gas, created from the elements, created from time and space . . . created from silence."

This is who we truly are. We, humans are created by different species and each of has certain abilities-talents. Some of us are here to lead. Others are here to just follow. As Arcturians evolve, we evolve as well and we have different consciousness levels. Not everybody is at the same level, that's why people choose to incarnate again. It's all about expansion. The Earth is shifting, therefore our awareness shifts and we wake up from the illusions that we live in. That's why meditation is important, it helps you to quiet the mind, that's why controlling your thoughts and actions is important. Because you experience the consequences of your unbalance now. The state of reality you are currently experiencing, is the one you vibrate in. The mind plays a game with you and this is very interesting. Your vortex attracts what your focus has created . -Where attention goes, energy flows. You go through steps of realisation by experiencing and expanding each time more and more. So stop complaining all the time for things you don't have and start focussing on....nothingness, stillness, silence...and in silence you'll find all the me..they will be revealed to you. But be careful from the delusion, this doesn't mean that you will seat still doing nothing for the rest of your life! Remember, balance is the key. Physically you have to be active in order to keep your energy levels high. Eat clean, exercise, meditate and stay away from the TV, the news and all sorts of manipulative distructions.

Be You. Be humble, express your talents, your love, your compassion. Stop compressing your emotions act out of love and dignity always. Help yourself expand, love yourself unconditionally, heal yourself and always seek for the best thoughts, the best feelings and live with your highest excitement. Have visions, find your purpose. What would you do it if limitation was not an option? Know what you want and create the way to make it happen. You have all you need..all you need is YOU! Unpack your suitcase :) You are a limitless being.

Namaste :) <3

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