Monday, 11 May 2015

Lessons I've Learned During my Spiritual Awakening

Hello warriors :)

Today I'm going to explain to you what I've learned during my spiritual awakening. 2014 was a year of transformation for me. My awakening process started in 2012 but 2014 was a year of true introspection and integration. 2013 had ended with dramatic change and this year (2015) was like a key that opened up different doors of perception for me and many tiny secrets that had been locked away.
So here are my lessons:


The lesson was that true love doesn’t come from another person. True love isn’t always measured in length but in quality. True love is in BEING that special person, you are your true love and it comes from within because in that place is our infinite nature. When you are the person you were created to be, then everything falls into place. You attract people and things into your life that resonate with you and love you unconditionally.


I realised that everything around me is an illusion, a lie, a program. Iam free. Iam the creator of my own reality and I have the power to make my dreams come true. Suddenly I could see all of the bondages that I had strapped to myself and burdened myself to carry. I'm finally free from my past. I'm a new me now and I'm very grateful for everything I've been through. I literally travelled through my mind into another higher dimension where I was everything and that really changed me. This truth is so liberating. When you know that all you are right now is all of the purity of a clean moment, everything else dissolves and all that's left is infinite peace. Have you heard the wise teachers say: 'be in the moment' ?
Well, start by letting go of the ideologies and all of this programming that you think defines you and stand up for yourself. When you drop everything else, all the stories just be. You are a universal perfection.


At the beginning of this year, I actually started being able to see that everything is frequency and I was being taught by life demonstrating this to me. My thoughts were becoming more clear and amplified with feeling that were of a higher vibration. As I stepped more into my authentic self, I attracted friends, online all around the world that were in this same vibrational state of moving through true love. I attracted true love because I felt comfortable being completely myself. This love within me was liberating and the relationship I am in is liberating as well because I see the reflections of me.

I realised that everything in my surroundings was mirroring my inner workings and feelings. So I know even outside of my romantic relationship, when I meet someone, that person is the perfect mirror to reflect back to me what is going on deep inside myself. So instead of becoming offended by what someone else would say or do, I would dive deeper into the relationship with myself (not trying to fix the other person) and find what needs to be healed. If you want someone else to change, change how you are seeing that person. It may not change that person immidiately but you will be relieved of your ill feelings towards them. I would still express my sadness or hurt but more so I would look within to ask why and where is the root of this pain? I have a partner who understands this same concept. So when we communicate it is completely open . We know all things are an echo of within. 

We are always just projecting ourselves onto another, what we love about this person outside ourselves are areas we are comfortable with within ourselves and have healed. Things we are not comfortable with are areas that we have stored hurtful experiences about and must be address to further free our hearts to that pure state, so we can received joy and happiness at the highest level in life. Our relationships become beautiful tools of ascension. When we look at them with intention, we see our own reflection.


After facing all my fears, I realised something. I am light. I saw my reflections that mirrored my own free spirit. There is an equal and opposite force to everything within this universe with no exception. When you resist a process and you can feel your tummy tensing up and the stress collecting against an emotional situation, that exact moment is when you are being tested whether or not you are ready to go to the next step. If not, then you will experience it again until you pass it. There has to be something on the opposing side of resistance and what is that? A Spiritual transformation. What you are resisting is the power and presence of positive evolution into your life. The flow of change and metamorphosis is flowing into your spectrum and if you just surrender, the flow of life will take care of the rest. To most surrender is a word that means you are giving up. But true surrender is to open yourself up, to let go of all of the past events and perceptions, or the blockages and old pathways that have caused loss or void in your life and have faith that everything will be exactly as you've always dreamed of. Let in fresh perspective to facilitate the flow.


Two days ago I had severe pain on my sacral chakra (2nd chakra). I knew what it was. When this happened to me in the past, I had to go to the doctor and take antibiotics. This time I said no because I don't need pills to make me well, I have everything needed. In my heart, I knew I could heal myself and so I did. I took my crystals, I placed them on my chakra points and meditated. After meditating I tried to go back to my daily routine but after a while the pain was back ten times stronger. I attempted another cleanse, this time without the crystals. I cleansed my house with incense sticks and I prayed asking all the parts of my body to work together and the angels of light to heal me. I went outside in the sunshine and asked the sun to remove the negative energy and fill me with light..and there it happened! After a while I was completely healed.
When we dig to get to the bottom of how to heal ourselves we discover out true power that has been hidden from us and we start seeing things very differently. Our transformation naturally spreads to others and effects their lives as well. That is what I have found through the process.


I have a creative process just like everyone else because we are all connected to the same circuitry, the same universal information source. As lightworkers, we all have the same vision and we all do our best to transform and heal the planet and ourselves. We are the sum of the whole.
When I write articles, I try to relay from things I read and listen but I always know my ideas and writing are coming from a higher source. I can feel this deep within myself because my third eye activates. I connect the dots while reading or listening stuff and I let my inner self guide me. I Sometimes I experience certain events that are related to what I read and I am so grateful to be in this position...because every time there is a synchronicity I know it is a complement. I am a messenger for the divine and a vessel to facilitate it’s message and so are you! When you tune in, miracles will happen. Never underestimate your power.

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Hello, my name is Andriana Papacharalambous. I’m a member of the 144000 living in a human suit. I am a Freelance Journalist - Vegan food Blogger, Author, Transformational Coach, Intuitive writer -Spiritual Teacher, Freelance Vocalist & Earth Activist. I have a passion for truth, knowledge, the earth, health, getting back to our roots and embracing our potential and consciousness as a species. I'm a warrior of light and as a light worker and master teacher, my mission is to enlighten the genetic code of humanity and raise the God consciousness on Gaia, by evolving and sharing my knowledge with as many people as possible. My vision is to create a better planet for future generations.

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