Sunday, 22 March 2015

The secret order behind the real YOU

Today, I experienced a certain event in my life and I came to point where I realised how the universe works in relation to our soul. Nothing exists without a reason. After this insight I had, this is so obvious to me now and I'm sure you will be amazed as well. I now get the real essence of the phrase 'Everything is connected'.

Here's what I found out. A way to realise that our challenges and difficulties in life are created by us in order to teach us something, is by not getting upset when a challenge arises. We have to take it, match it and know that when the larger challenge arises, it is there because it is a reflection of the energy we are, as the talented beings we were created to be in this dimension and that we can match it. In the same way we can match in any other probable reality we desire to experience or desired to experience in a past life. We must know that we can experience it only when our vibration aligns with it. 

So my suggestion to you is: don't let the apparent size of the challenge make you believe or think that you are less than it. It wouldn't be there if it wasn't a reflection of the ability you have as a creator to use it. Let go of the fear and the energy will flow. You made a soul agreement to participate in this reality and there is nothing to fear of because a part of the self you are knows what is going to happen and that self prepares you in all levels to receive the best lesson in order to expand your conciousness as a human being by having that experience. In order to let your human self communicate with the higher self, you have to be little bit more of the person you were back then when you made the agreement to be here. This needs practice but now it is possible. The way to achieve this is to activate your light body. Click here to check my article 'How to activate your light body'

This video of Abraham - Esther Hicks will explain to you from a different perspective, how to attract what you really want and how to communicate with your higher self .

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