Monday, 23 March 2015

My Spiritual awakening - What really moved me!

Hello Warriors, 

What happens to me the last couple of days is indescribable! I'm bombarded with information that brighten up my consciousness and I feel my brain fully awake! I feel the particles moving around me and I decode things! If you've read my two previous articles Sacred Gift: How to activate your light body and The secret behind the real YOU, you'll see a difference in comparison to my other articles. This is because of the shift WE are experiencing in 2015. 

I understand the purpose of my reality each time I make decisions! It changes very fast and while I write these articles I'm in a meditative state. Eventually everything connects and I'm starting to see a part of the matrix. Today I had to experience what I wrote in my articles (again) in order to unlock another part of this divine knowledge and move a step forward. I caught myself feeling lost and ready to explode from negative emotions in a vary short period of time. I faced my two sides. Then I had a sign from the universe. It guided here:

I was 'flapped' by the universe. I saw the light! I was reminded from an entity that this is a program, a software and I really do create it but I have no control of it. I can only change my frequency in order to match THAT something that will make me feel better. 

Right after the song, I found this video of Abraham -Esther Hicks that explains exactly what I said in my articles in more detail with better examples. Eventually this is the way I communicate with my higher self. I feel grateful for having this experience and I'm looking forward to guide you too while I'm being guided at the same time. It's so different than any other time because now, I really feel the meaning of it not just the words that describe it.

Love, light and blessings to you <3 :) Namaste

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