Thursday, 11 December 2014

How to Find your Soulmate

Beloved warriors,
Today I'm going to talk about relationships and true love.

Many people around the world are seeking for their soulmate, their other half. Personally I've been through a lot in my life and I've finally found my soulmate. A person that not only loves me truly for who I really am but also helps me to grow in life. This person came in my life in a very romantic way and made me forget who I thought I was. He taught me how to love myself and treat my body and soul with respect. He took my hand and taught me the miracles of life. 

A true relationship is not like in the movies. That's why many people struggle in relationships, because they have false expectations and they base their lives on illusions. The best teacher apart from ourselves is our partner. Because we learn how to control our emotions and correct our attitude. It's important to respect each other. Even if we make mistakes we have to take responsibility each time something happens.

A friend of mine recently asked me, ''How would I know If the person that I am with is my other half ?'' 

In order to find your soulmate, there are a few things to bear in mind first. If every night you sleep with a new person and you use this as an excuse that you are trying to find the one because there is no other way, think again! You have to be in tuned with your inner self and let your intuition guide you. You must be in the vortex - like Abraham say – and feel your existence through the eyes of source.

Without a doubt, when your soulmate comes to you, this will be a relationship that will change your life. A very deep soul attraction, an instant "Knowing" of your fate, an uplifting of spirit and a surge of energy from within. A Soul-Mate will generally be on the same path as you, meaning, they have the same desires as you in regards to their needs and wants and even their goals are similar. 

A Soul-Mate may be a person whom you feel instantly comfortable with.You are both willing to grow and learn spiritual things together.

You may have been through a period of being alone and suddenly you are met face to face with your life partner- (which happened to me by surprise!) or you may be dreaming of a person to make you feel special and happy. This is great, as long as you are also happy and comfortable with yourself and if you are sure that a partner is the only thing that's missing in your life.Your soulmate is the person that  will "merge" with you in all levels.

So, the place that you are right now in your life ( on all levels ) , will bring and reflect ti you the partner that you are. You have to love yourself, respect you and do the things I talk in my previous articles in order to attract your soulmate. With a soulmate you will grow!!!!! Your relationship will be about expansion. It's like, you are in a relationship with yourself and you must be really balanced in order to let your partner be with you (and your SELF). Your soulmate will show you the good and the bad in you and he/she will help you to heal.

 Your soulmate is out there waiting for you, the only thing you have to do is to create a momentum, tune in, love yourself and enjoy each moment without seeking, without asking (just visualising) and the universe will take care of the rest!

Here are a few Signs of a True Soul-Mate that may be helpful:

  • Instant magnetism,that you BOTH share
  • Unexplainable feeling of connection that is very deep right from the start.
  • A calm atmosphere, and inner calm.
  • There is instant trust
  • There is instant lifting of spirit
  • There is no nervousness
  • There are no judgments
  • There is patience & encouragement
  • There is a shoulder to cry on
  • You think very much alike
  • There is gentleness towards each other.
  • This person will also be your best friend
  • Loves you for YOU not just your physical appearance
  • After him/her you have no desire to be sexually attracted to others

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