Friday, 5 December 2014

How to Enjoy Life

Warriors, are you ready to say bye to 2014? This was a year of a lot of changes and a lot of ups and downs. This year has required you to step up and be brave, we had plentiful opportunities to align with our authentic self and to discover who we are beyond our human nature and our ego. Some of you went through a lot of pain, now it's time to step up and move forward.Are you ready for the new year? December is a month of action including the Gemini full moon that happens tomorrow December 6th. There is a wonderful energy this month that will help you change your life for the better and start new for the year ahead. This full moon will bring outside of us what the whole year has taught us. It's time to express our inner self and communicate with the world, it's time to get down to business.

We all go through difficult times that need a lot of our energy and this may result of us getting out of balance feeling hurt or depressed. When you find yourself in this situations remind yourself that everything is going to be ok in the end. Take some time off, take the 'me time' to treating yourself to a spa day, rest day or having coffee by yourself, being alone reading a book. Sometimes we get lost in relationships and we lose ourselves, so taking a day or two to reboot and get in touch with ourselves is a great way to find our balance.

The previous month was really tough for me. I came to a point in my life that I had no other choice than being alone in my room trying to figure out myself, to realise why I act in ways I dislike and hurt people I love. I don't really like being alone. I enjoy the company of friends and my partner but sometimes I lose myself somewhere between the person I think I am and the person I actually am. When you are ready to change you feel it. I had many opportunities this year to change my negative side but somehow I got lost in the way. So the universe this time moved me and forced me to change. Its one of those times that I am left alone to be with me and take care of me. So now I take this chance and even if it hurts to get to know myself and remove my negative programming in order to be happy and also to help others feel happy when they are around me.

*** Here are some strategies I follow that can change my reality and bring peace within myself that will definitely do the same to you too!

Self-care is necessary

This can be a great wake-up call to change our unhealthy patterns and habits, shifting our mindset and be more effective overall. It's important to see self-care as a form of preventative healthcare. Taking time daily to relax, meditate and observe our environment, decreases the negative feelings we build up over time and allows us to feel our presence. Over time, our bodies will feel healthier and our minds more at peace.

Do what you love

Let yourself find inspiration. Often we compare ourselves to how others like to do things and think there must be something wrong with me if I don't do the same things. Try to find things that help you feel alive. Listen to calming music, dance, sing, exercise. Find activities and hobbies that you genuinely like doing and it will be that much easier to stick to them in the long run.

Carve self-care into your existing schedule

As a motivation coach, I'm always telling my students that one of the ways to begin and sustain a meditation practice is to fit it into your existing schedule. The same can be applied to self-care. When we look at self-care as something that requires special time to be set aside, a commodity most of us have very little to none of, then it becomes boring and uninspiring. Thoughtfully look at your daily schedule and think about where you can insert a walk, get a massage, connect with nature, or find time for any other self-care practice that you enjoy. It doesn't have to take up too much time and can be a quick way to re-energise. I'm sure you can find 1 hour out of the 24!

Be flexible

Sometimes we get so fixated on doing something one way that we limit our ability to see that we can reach the same results in different ways. Say that one of your self-care goals includes staying fit by exercising every day.
This can cover a broad spectrum of activities that don't necessarily have to be limited to one type of repetitive exercise. You can try going to the gym one day, a yoga class the next, and then for a walk the following day. Experiment with your self-care practices and be creative with what works for you.

Do what's possible

This means setting modest goals and being realistic about what you can do at the moment. If your goal was to eat all home-cooked meals for the week and one evening you feel too tired to make anything, then be kind to yourself and be okay with buying something to eat. You can always look for a healthy alternative.Every day will be different, bringing with it a different set of moods and various responsibilities. Adapting to our needs at the moment is in itself a self-care practice.

Remember self-care is supposed to be fun, enjoy time you make for yourself. So, don't take it all too seriously! Appreciate the journey to a healthier mind, body, and spirit. Listen to your body, love YOU and be grateful for the lessons you get! In order to find love, you have to be it first! 

PS I would like to thank all of you for the amazing comments and the support! :) 
You are awesome guys! 
I send you love and light  to guide you. <3

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