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What to expect after Spiritual awakening…

 Many people experience their own unique and individual paths of awakening but there are many common elements we all share.
We all begin to see the World differently than we did before because our consciousness expands. As we start to seek for the truth within ourselves, we begin to see through the veils of illusion in our society, governments and mainstream institutions. We can sense more things than before, the downfalls of consumerism and materialism become very obvious. Therefore we realize that we must take full responsibility for our lives and our vision becomes clear.

Awakening often comes with profound spiritual implications, as we have undeniable experiences of connection to our Universal intelligence. Signs, symbols and synchronicities show up in our lives more all the time. In the process, there are some Universal steps we all go through sooner or later on the path for our own growth and evolution.

1 ) Healing Your Relationship with your Parents & Family

Memories of our childhood come to the surface again, either to be healed or to remind us something we’ve forgotten. The majority of us experienced many traumas in our youth, that need our attention so they don’t hold us back any longer in old patterns. Most importantly, we must create healthy relationships with our parents and family.Situations you went\go through, were created for your personal growth spiritually and as a human being and the more you resist them, the further you deny the personal empowerment available to you from the lessons of these experiences.
Re-frame the past and you can create a limitless future. Firstly, forgive yourself and other people who harmed you in the past and build new relationships based on self respect and love.

2 ) Desiring the ‘new’

Once you are awake, you start setting goals and want to explore things by giving yourself permission to start fresh and expose yourself to the World. You dream big and you want to change the world. You are no longer satisfied with the ordinary.

3 ) Leaving Behind Unhealthy, Toxic & Stuck Relationships

You start separating yourself from other people and you put them in categories. You seek for good people who have the same vision with you and want to improve themselves. If you have friends in your life who seem stuck, try to help and support them, but if they are truly unwilling to grow, maybe they are not ready yet and it’s time for you to move on. Remember, you can’t change everybody; some people prefer to live in the illusion and conformity. Not many people will support your ideas but stay focused and don’t waste your energy, keep it for yourself and don’t force change on anyone, just let it come to them.

4 ) Constantly Improving

Many people change their eating habits like becoming vegans\vegetarians, quit smoking etc., because they no longer want to kill animals, support violence or harm themselves in any way. Be open to exploring various healthful diets that truly work for you, and be open to new things, let your heart guide you, not your mind. Also people start evolving, read more, meditating and exercising. Constantly improving yourself is one of the most common principles of awakening.

5 ) Let Go of Clutter, Chaos & Old Stuff

In order to build the new, you have to get rid of the old. Negative energy belongs to the past and needs to go. Physical objects with high emotional attachment can hold a lot of our emotional energy. Our stuff can be a physical representation of clinging to the past, and letting go of old things means we open up for new opportunities, clarity, gifts and miracles from the Universe.

6 ) Become a Constant Learner & Student of Life

As an awakened individual, you have a passion for finding your Truth and understanding the deeper nature of life. Learning is an evolutionary process, which means we must become more of who we are in each moment by learning new information, tools and approaches towards life. All suffering comes from resistance to change.
A willingness to learn is a willingness to grow and expand your consciousness. Try writing things down, organize your life, set goals, speak positive affirmations daily, track your progress. Practice being grateful for everything that surrounds you - from the air you breath, the water that cleanse your aura to birds, animals etc. Connect with nature and observe how wonderful your life becomes.

7 ) Finding Conscious Community to Surround Yourself With

You will want to find more and more spiritual people who share the same interests, pursuits and values, be around them in order to feel like home, and supported by your own tribe. Get out in the World and reach out! You’ll be amazed at how many people there are like. There are endless amounts of awakened people in the World at the moment who walk their spiritual path just like you do.

8 ) Creating a New Relationship with Yourself & Your Lifestyle

No more self-sabotage or self-depreciation! As an awakened individual you have to be truly loving and kind to yourself and watch your self-talk.
This means reducing your negative thoughts and emotions, no more beating yourself or others up for the circumstances you are in. Take everything as a lesson. This takes time but I promise you, it’s one of the most important things you should do if you in order to get rid of all that weights you down. You can start with small steps at a time and one day you will see yourself in the mirror feeling proud of yourself because you will be the best version of you full of joy.

9 )  Choosing a Career in Alignment with Your Heart’s Calling

You can’t work some kind of soul-sucking job, even if it does pay good. Settling with a career that doesn’t truly fulfill you isn’t worth it. Following your heart’s calling in your career can be extremely challenging, because it means you will have to do lots of illogical things that people around you may not understand. However, if you are making truly heartfelt decisions, it will always lead you in the right direction. Listen to what your true calling is, and if you don’t know it yet, start trying things out until you find it and most importantly MEDITATE because all answers you are seeking are already within you so you have to tune in and connect with your higher self. Everyone’s calling is evolving constantly and it’s not about finding it, it’s about YOU getting into the rhythm of what you are supposed to be doing right now. A positive career means you are working and doing your part to make a difference, and if we all do that, the World will continually change for the better.

10 ) Live from Your Heart

Open your heart and live from it each day. Love is always the answer. ‘‘If you have to choose between being kind & being right, choose being kind & you will always be right.’’ - R.J. Palacio

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