Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Energy update - Final Stretch into the New

Hello warriors!

Many of you have been asking why I stopped posting for a while. 
Many things have happened to me since the Lion's Gate so I needed some time off to rebalance and process the new information that was coming in so I wanted to be completely ready and then start writing again (you can't pour from an empty cup) 

The secret of awakening into our multidimensional self is faith and trust. 

Trust yourself and rely on you, believe in your  powers and allow yourself to merge in oneness.
Undo and go forward (thought & belief systems that no longer serve your highest purpose) Understand your inner world first and then work with it to learn the outer world. Work with yourself, stop hating you and be the love you need, give this to yourself.

Move with more awareness in your life. 
Bring the logical and the illogical together, the male and female aspects of your personality. (The positives and the negatives. When you manage to do that then the soul will awaken and it will know every aspect of itself at once. 
It will start to remember all of it's cells. Portions of yourself that are uninformed, are going to come to be informed by your light. Many of the forms that you have chosen to incarnate with, will look very foreign and this is how you can evolve your soul. 

We do not incarnate only in one species, we are travellers. We came on earth as ambassadors from other planets to make realities merge and become more informed within ourselves so that everyone involved (your reflections-other people) can release fear and become inhibited. 
Part of our job is to meet these other selves and merge with them to feel what this is like.

As we grow and come to these higher levels of recognition we face our inner blocks-layers of ourself as humans in order to understand them, accept them, grow our self-love until nothing can touch us anymore. Many people would call this 'numbness'. Yes this is a good thing.

Think of life as a radio station. The human experiment, has had one radio station ON for thousands of years with the same OLD tunes, unable to tune the dial and hear another 'band' on that same frequency that was broadcast.
After the end of the Earth's contract in 2012, the original planners are now allowed to make some changes and so they pierce through this energy frequency field of earth. 

Some of us are aware and ready enough for a change in order to receive these rays of  knowledge and make the necessary changes within our body. We can now anchor frequency and then make it available to the planet. We live it and broadcast it out to the world to those who are desperately needing a hand to hold on to in this chaotic times. 


We have been through frequency control and what frequency control does is to limit the number of stations you can tune into. As members of the family of light, we must anchor new frequencies throughout static chaos and bring them into the physical realm by experiencing them. (we bring heaven to earth, remember?) 
As we break and change this pattern behaviour, the planet (as a live being), pulses on it's new patterns of behaviour. We have come to alter and remove the frequency of limitation (within ourselves). When we are ready and tune in our spirit (= inspiration) we bring forth new INformation. We are here to awaken our dormant DNA and we are responding to it.

We can now live in the world without necessarily be lost in it.

Holographic inserts:

We are here to carry a new higher, more positive frequency in our bodies so that our daily contacts will start vibrating in the same frequency as ours. It's time for the two-strand DNA to evolve. 

3D reality ( eyes, ears, nose, mouth etc.) locks reality in. Now we can rely on other forms of sensing. This happens so that our nervous system learns how to handle different molecular fluctuations to be able to perceive through our feeling sensors without frequency control of our abilities. 

So we must bring the logical and the illogical together in order to fully activate our core self. We (as humans), are the only ones who have this ability. After the activations, our being will be able to teach us how to do things in new and more effective and liberated ways.

Trust yourself means to have such inner knowing that your thoughts create your world. There is an order that you operate within that a part of yourself cannot see. We lack vision and so events happen in our lives to get us back on track, to make us see again. So be aware that in this chaos and confusion there is a divine order. Stop limiting yourself with your beliefs because every thought literally determines your experience. 

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Hello, my name is Andriana Papacharalambous. I’m a member of the 144000 living in a human suit. I am a Freelance Journalist - Vegan food Blogger, Author, Transformational Coach, Intuitive writer -Spiritual Teacher, Freelance Vocalist & Earth Activist. I have a passion for truth, knowledge, the earth, health, getting back to our roots and embracing our potential and consciousness as a species. I'm a warrior of light and as a light worker and master teacher, my mission is to enlighten the genetic code of humanity and raise the God consciousness on Gaia, by evolving and sharing my knowledge with as many people as possible. My vision is to create a better planet for future generations. https://about.me/andriana_papa

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