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Things You Should Never Say To A Woman

We all know that sometimes (maybe all the time), women get a little bit crazy, (especially near their periods). Many men around the world are wondering how to treat women. We all know that you can never be sure what a woman wants so, being a woman I've decided to share some of my tips.

Be gentle

Never focus your attention on the negative things your she does or used to do. Not only you feel disappointment when you see only the mistakes she does but you will attract even more of them. Women don't like to feel their being tested all the time. Just be in the present moment and try to see only the positives. By complaining she only feels lost wanting to give up. Some women when they truly love their partner, they try really hard to change themselves to make their partners happier. So reward them by noticing their actions rather than complaining about the past.


Never push her to do something that she doesn't want to do. Instead, try to have a conversation with her and always act with love without offending her. Explain your views and  try to find solutions, like exercising together or create a bobby together that will benefit both of you. She really likes a creative man and she pays attention to the details.

Don't compare her with others

Never compare her with another woman and never say anything negative about her body even if you have no intention to hurt her. Trust me women know exactly what needs to be changed and they  do things without you knowing so, you only make it worse.

Be honest

Never lie. If you lie to her or hide your phone when she is she starts to have trust issues and guess what's coming next!

Let her love you

There are times that you don't feel like talking much. We get it, we are not the only ones getting emotional once a month. Just express your feelings to her. She can't read your mind (yet). Let her hug you, don't push her away, she might thinks that she did something wrong.

Pay attention to her

Never ignore her when she shares a part of herself with you. Pay attention to her, be happy because you see her smiling. When you play games together, be there with your mind as well! Women usually don't want to have your attention all day long so don't feel like you must be there all the time. We all want time by ourselves. Just dedicate some of your time and be fully present there. Also a sweet text message during the day can make her smile for hours. Boosting her confidence is always a good thing. You want her to feel elevated by you.

Be present

When she is emotional or upset, be there even if she does't show that she wants you there. Deep down she really does and she expects you to, hug her kiss her and tell her how much you love her no matter what's happening. If you do that she feels safe and trusted because when everything's falling apart she wants to know you are there.

Don't Tease her

Women are more sensitive near their periods. The usual playful banter must cease while a watered-down version of this banter may take its place. The reason for this is because she might take something you say jokingly to heart.
Unintentional offences are at a high risk near your girlfriend’s period. This is another cause for the next World War III. Also when you say , ' I'm sorry' say it because you mean it not because you want the conversation to come to an end.

Debate things?

A healthy debate is not a bad thing. It’s a great way to express opinions, feelings and share your worldview with your significant other. But if your girl is near her period, it’s probably best not to get her riled up on how she feels about hot topics (or anything, for that matter).
There are a myriad of other things to talk about anyway, like the weather and what she wants to eat for dinner (and dessert). :P

Sentences to avoid:
  • ''That Time Of The Month?'' 
(Or any variation thereof) - Do you have a death wish?

  • Are You Really Going To Eat All That?”
You might as well go ahead and call her a fatty. No sex for you.

  • I Don’t Care.”
If she’s asking for your opinion, give one. Telling her you don’t care what movie you see or what you want to eat is like telling her you’re not interested in contributing to the relationship.

  • You’re Crazy.”
Even if it’s true, you don’t ever want to say this to a woman’s face. Do it and you’ll see a whole new level of crazy.

  • Have You Gained Weight?”
That should be a no-brainer. She can criticise your body shape, hers is off-limits.

  • Will You Marry Me?”
Just kidding. Just try to make sure you only say this once.

Periods turn women into crazy, moody creatures that either want to eat ice cream and pizza all day or want to die and be left alone for all of eternity.Your girlfriend is not going to feel her best because her tummy’s cramping, her boobs are hurting and she might be a little bloated.
It’s hard to guess at any moment in time what your girlfriend is feeling, so try not to smother her with your love. I’m sure she appreciates all of the grand gestures of kindness through chocolate bars and Sour Patch but don't over do it.
For example, instead of saying, “Hey! Here’s a chocolate bar because I know you’re on your period,” you should probably just leave it on the kitchen counter for her to find. It’s the little things that have the greatest impact during these times. 

If I forgot anything write it on the comments below :) I hope my article was helpful! *Smiles*

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