Tuesday, 21 February 2017

February Gateway: Divine Alchemy |What to Expect

Hello Warriors,

This is the month of Big change. 
We are utilising the portals of the Lunar Eclipse on February 10th and the Solar Eclipse on February 26th to support the February light influx.

We are asked to accept change, allow change, promote change, consciously choose change and to actually be the change.
The next two weeks provide energies that help with the clearing of old systems that are not in alignment with the higher trajectory created by the current accelerated timelines.

Eclipse passages always include karmic clearings and it's very obvious that there is a global-level karmic clearing playing out on the world stage right now.
The more intense things appear, the better the clearing.

Our Higher Selves attempt embodiment through the Ascension process and these higher perspectives reveal what is needed on our journey and what must be discarded in order to move forward to the higher realities of pure unity consciousness.

Request love abundance and healing in your life for that is a part of Universal Law as far as a conscious being requesting aid. Activate as much of your DNA as possible.

The Gateway of this week, beginning on February 22, will trigger aspects within the new Human templates and launch many of us into a stronger experience of this Shift. Close some doors and make wise decisions. 
We are here to raise the frequencies of this planet, to transmute and balance every living life-form below and above the surface so let's step into our power and remember where we came from! 
We are asked to engage with our Ascension practices and zero point stillness-breath-heart cantering during this window of opportunity.

So let's surrender and let go completely of the old thought forms, beliefs, habits and breathe through the stronger activations that are lifting us up. 
Sun-charge to receive the these light codes. Our Solar Heart centre becomes the mechanism for serving as a pure conduit and reactivating the sacred aspects of your DNA in absolute presence during Gate-work. We are Shifting and this means, we are being tested.

Many of us are experiencing the reunification with much Higher aspects of Self that are deeply involved in the cosmic trajectory of this planet and Solar system. This is a brilliant co-creative process with much higher realms of consciousness, which is why we should tale responsibility of our sovereign right and take action. It is time to dismiss the personal and collective darkness from its old role in our Ascension. Let's walk in peace, pick our best self and speak love everywhere we go. Absorb all of the experience , balance it, harmonise it and raise its platform. Our heart is the doorway home.

At this time we should be aware of the frequency that is coming through our field and use it in a positive way to find out where we should work on in our selves and what needs to go. This gateway shows where the holes are and we will be provide by choices, so choose wisely. Create love in your heart. Innocence is the key. Pay attention to the mind traps, to the temptations and the lower thought-forms that want to bind us into the Matrix.

An easy way to do this is to monitor every positive and negative thoughts, (make a check list) and work on them. For more details on this, check my previous article on How to Deprogram your Subconscious Mind by clicking: here

This is the best time to meditate and hold the field. Be prepared, be in your divine light and follow your excitement. Be grateful for what you have and eliminate the negative thoughts that arise. Stay in your abundant thought-form.

Here's how to do this effectively:

You are nothing but Breath <3

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