Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Gaia Dream Time Meetings

Hello Warriors :)

This month I've experienced vivid lucid dreams and I took some notes about what I saw. So today, I'm going to talk about dream time meetings - lucid dreaming and subconscious programming tips on how remembering important information.

Any experiences that occur within your 4 Dimensional Alpha wave consciousness are considered by our 3 Dimensional brain to be a dream or just our imagination. 

Now in this earth period, our multi-dimensional consciousness and physical brain reminds us that everything we perceive is real. In a dream state or not, everything exists in the now, but it may not resonate with the vibrational frequency of some people ( in the 3 dimensional physical world ).

 Our meditations are real, our daydreams are real, our night dreams are real, because when we use our imagination we escape this time space reality.

Many people still believe that only our physical world is real and that everything else is in our imagination. This is OK too, because in their reality they see only what they believe is true for them. They create their version of reality by being in the 3 dimensional thinking.

We are now being called to activate our entire physical body. Meaning, to bring our 'whole brain thinking', our dreams, daydreams and the power of our imagination and tune it in with our 3 dimensional brain. This is happening now due to the Ascension. More and more of us are expanding our waking consciousness to embrace the concept that the 4 Dimensional world is not just a dream, but our natural state of being that is connected like a television with many channels.

This is why dream state is important. When we manage to control our thoughts by changing our perception from negative to positive, then we can train our subconscious mind and dream state. In order to strengthen this connection, there are certain things we should do. The most important one is to focus on our self esteem. (=The esteem in which we hold ourself ).

I will explain more about this in a future article. For now, let's focus on how to enter into the dream state and control this dream called 'Life on Earth'.

When you awaken with a dream in your mind, immediately close your eyes again before you fully awaken. Then relax in the feeling of being both in your dream world. Just like when you were a kid..do you remember the feeling?

Allow the images of your nightly journey to dance with your 3D memory. Go into a meditative state in which you are not asleep but not fully awake.

In this state you can often recover important higher dimensional messages that our 3D brain interprets us 'just a dream'. Step into the dream and tell yourself the dream that you are dreaming about, with your eyes closed. When you tell yourself your dream, then you transfer it from your 4 Dimensional reality into the 3 Dimensional conscious thinking.

Then you open your eyes, immediately reach for your pen and paper that is always stored by your bed.

Quickly write down everything that you can remember. With practice you will train your 3 Dimensional waking brain to remember your dreams/messages longer.

As you follow the above process, you will begin to remember more and more of your dreams. If you have a daily meditation practice, even if it's for a few minutes, you will be more able to remember day by day.

Remember that daily meditations expand your conscious perceptions into higher and higher frequencies of reality. As you expand, your experiences of daily life will change. Then your priorities will shift from day to day survival, to ongoing process of Planetary Ascension.

"What you think about, you bring about."
Bob Proctor

Gaia is a free will planet. Which reality do you choose?

Once we start to remember these inner experiences, we realise that there is much more to be gained by remembering and documenting our dreams. Once we begin this process, the conveption of the 'real world' slowly or quickly will expand to include the 4th Dimension.

In this 4th Dimension, we start to experience the 5D. In the 5D, we have our first contact with the Galactics and Celestials by tuning in with their vibrations. Many of us already do this while we are awake, meditating or sleeping. The physical brain cannot effectively store multidimensional messages, but if we start to write down what we remember each time and share them with others then we ground them into our physical world and we begin to interact with those thought forms.

Maintain your state. By clearing up our 4th Dimensional auras, we help Gaia to clean up her aura. Those who manage to deal with their own thoughts, emotions and difficult situations and come out clean, stronger and ready to thrive, are participating in the impending event of Planetary Ascension.

By Planetary Ascension I mean that Gaia is opening up her 5th Dimensional habitat zone for 'conscious population'. 
Many of us have been visiting 5D but after we return top limited perceptions of the 3D, we don't remember the experience.

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