Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Our Journey Begins 2016

Hello Warriors! :)

January had been really refreshing for most of us! Many beautiful synchronicities have happened that made my heart bubble. I’ve met even more indigos that seek answers and love changes. It makes me so happy to see us grow and come together! Our magic unfolds! Keep sharing love and light where’s needed! Let's walk each other home! <3

Everything is so clear now! More and more people start to awaken, to remember and to follow their inner light! I’m so proud of every single one of you! 
I love creation and how everything unfolds!

Some of you have asked me: 'How can I remember who I am' ?
Well, firstly, you need to relax! There are certain stages that you have to go through in order to reach the state where all information exists. You can’t really learn everything at once! You have to earn it first! Your guides and your higher self will show you what you need to know and when. All is well! Let go of any expectations and enjoy the ride. 

Becoming multidimensional, means viewing your life from the higher perspective. When you are multidimensional, you realise that your life is so much more than it seems! Your soul has agreed to play roles for a lot of other people too. It goes both ways. Something happens when you realise the lesson and that people around you play a role so you can learn it. You begin to feel gratitude to them and to the creation and then you open the portals for your memory to come back as a reward.

For now just keep this in mind: When you feel lost, victimised, nervous, angry etc, ask yourself: What is myself trying to teach me in this moment? Responsibility? Courage? Patience? Faith? Self love? Forgiveness? Compassion? Simplicity? Freedom? Gratitude? Stillness? Self respect? Observe the situation (any situation) as a third person, (just like in meditation). It's just a continuous sound > all sounds become one> all elements become one > you are one with the whole > you are the whole.

If we didn't have our dark energies, we'd have nothing to transform into compassion. Compassion has a higher frequency than love. In order to ascend, we need to raise our body's vibration and clear out as much of our third dimensional emotional density as possible.The healing process begins when you realise that you are never a victim. 
What you are creating in your life is a direct reflection of your beliefs (literally)! You have a fundamental emotional pattern that sets up an energetic field attraction (known as the law of attraction). Those who also have the emotional pattern, will find you and so it begins. So think responsibly :P

When you learn how to overcome your emotions and act out of unconditional love, you reach the compassion point where you will experience joy and unconditional love mentally and physically. Trust me it's really worth all the hard emotional work you have to go through to get there! (It's just like woking out). There is a bonus: Every time you experience the 'Compassion Point' , you are changing a cellular level and activating dormant DNA receptors. You are changing your DNA from carbon to crystalline with each compassion point!!

So from now on, we must learn to love the idea that we don't have to fix your planet or anybody else and that everything is just as it should be. We will come to a realisation of the fact that our diversity of beliefs and desires  and everybody else's, are in perfect harmony and in perfect alignment with what is . Things don’t have to change for us to be who we came here to be. Let go of resistance. Let go of thought. Dive deep into your emotions {any emotions}, dive deep into your heart and hold yourself in a steady alignment. Breath. <3

As humans, we translate matter into energy. It’s like Physics fighting chemistry. Physics flow naturally. For more information on this topic click here to read my previous article The language of Reflection.

My spirit guide, guided me to this information. 

( http://barbarianarts.com/samsara.htm )

Samsara = The field of suffering, or transmigration, 
the eternal cycle of suffering, the rounds of rebirth. In order to break free of samsara, beings must purify their karma — the accumulation of their positive and negative thoughts and actions. 

If you follow a positive and compassionate way of living (the Eightfold Path), you could awaken fully through your concentrated pure mind.

Enlightenment comes from understanding the path, believing in the path, accepting the path, and practicing the path. The field of suffering, or transmigration, the eternal cycle of suffering, the rounds of rebirth.*  (not physical rebirth). It’s a battle between consciousnesses. The creative consciousness of this universe is love. Within love there is balance (Yin & Yang ).Infinity. ∞ 

Oneness really means that we are aligned with the Law of Mentalism: All is mind! We are a projection of thought.  We are the creators of the thought (or idea), experiencing our creation at the same time.

In other words, we are offered by the creation, the opportunity to rediscover ourselves. 

Please watch this video to learn more about upcoming changes:

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