Monday, 28 December 2015

Moving ahead | New Beginning | New earth |

Hello Dear warriors,

Welcome to another new beginning. 

This month has been quite intense! Three defferent things have happened to me that cleared up my vision. 
  1.  I quitted the modelling job that I was offered in November, because it didn't feel right to me.
  2.  This time I had to face something that made my heart bleed and the funny thing is that I knew why this happened but I didn't really want to experience it. There weren't many things I could do about it, so I just hugged my broken pieces, stick them back together and I moved on. It's over now anyway and I learned a lot of lessons going through it! I let karma handle the rest now! :) 
  3. I met my soul sister from Sirius. 

Regarding my career, I now work at Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation as a sound engineer. I have chosen to apply for this job instead of using my journalism degree, because I want to remain a freelance journalist and be the only one responsible for my content. I do this job because it interests my human nature. As a sound engineer, I am responsible for some aspects of sound, I deal with frequency and for me, this is creative. I got another part time job at a retail store that provides athletic sportswear to people who like to be active and keep their vibration high. This job makes me feel motivated to workout after I finish my shift.

I'm still managing my pages for creativity, balance, motivation and share alternative news on my other pages, while covering songs and making Youtube videos. I have very little free time now, so I don't upload as often as I used to. I have faith that everything will fall into place soon and what's meant to be in my file will ring me the bell.  So the way I see myself now is: Me focusing on my life purpose by writing articles, making videos, sharing my experiences and insights to influence and inspire people and me being in interesting and motivating jobs that cover my daily expenses while teaching me how to deal with people and get familiar with myself. Follow me, be active, free and just enjoy life while creating it. 

This month I met another Angel that came into my life. The previous one chose to cancel the contract - soul agreement we had together because of his free will. The new angel from my soul family, an indigo child, freed me even more and reminded me from which race I came from. I'm from the feline race.This time I saw the instructions and I realised that this is an actual dream. Every single detail is pre-made!!! We live in the dreaming state and we are just lucid dreaming. When an angel teaches and delivers to you what you need to know in order to grow, he then has to leave for a while and let you process what you received. Then another angel may choose to come over to complete the missing pieces of your puzzle or add to them. Healing comes when you drop the attachments (of any kind). My soul sister came in my life to heal me and help me gain my balance back.

The 25th of December was the beginning and the end of two cycles. The end of the previous story and beginning of the new one. I decoded the whole story. The Christmas full moon was an indication of the beginning of the new earth. This is the perfect time to let go of the bad habits and stuck energy in yourself or even in your home. This may even be a time to really dive deep and meditate or seek out therapy, find a workshop, or get a life coach to help you even further.

These days, being with our family and friends, can really push us to see aspects of our human selfs whether we like it or not. Work on not being ashamed of your flaws or obsess, everything around you in your world was created (by you) for you to grow and learn and move on to the next level of growing and learning. So tackle the purge and push yourself above of your limits. The new energies are guiding you up into the light, the higher vibrations and the higher consciousness merges you with the oneness. Start new plans, set new intentions and goals that align with your souls' purpose. Make a list of the things that interest you the most and go do them! Follow your inner guidance and look for signs from your angels. 
No matter what another says or does, allow it to be, without getting caught up in the swirl of negative emotions that will surely take you out of balance, out of the vortex. When possible, excuse yourself from the situation, go to a quiet space and regain your inner composure. Realize that each person acts and reacts from his set of belief codes. Question the codes within yourself that make you want to lash back. Are there past events that have you continually reacting in the same manner in similar situations? You have the ability to change your mind, attitude and actions and begin to act differently in these situations. Once you have become a peace-full person, you will then become a role model for others.

In this new Year, there are three things we should focus on in order to be ready to receive the new information, to feel the oneness and reconnect with the higher mind.  We should start by fixing the three main areas of own existence: the mind (thought patterns, subconscious mechanism and programming), body (organs,bones) and spirit.

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This new Year for your mind, body and soul.

For a better use, bookmark this article for a later use. Here are a few guidelines and inspiration on things you can do in 2016 to align completely with your higher mind.
  • Heal YourSelf
  • Clear traumatic memories
  • Recognize Your True innate powers
  • Clear negative beliefs and thought patterns
  • Dissolve energetic blocks in the thought-system
  • Bring You inner-balance and alignment
  • Turn on and connect with your guidance systems
  • Step into Your Mission role
  • Balancing Vibrational Frequencies
  • Share with You where you are at in your consciousness
  • Identify which wave you are in
  • Clearing Blocks, Inner Balance and Chakra Alignments
  • Eat the right food that nourish your body and mind.
For your soul: meditate on these two sounds:



and please watch the following videos to dive deeper into the 9 levels of consciousness and learn about your role on earth.

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For your mind: Click here to read this article >>100 ways to become more conscious to raise your frequency even faster .

Breathe, dear ones!

 In every breath your life is birthed anew. In every breath the Christ light that came into the world in the form of a little child so many years ago has an opportunity to be birthed again, within you.

In every breath, a light that can never be extinguished grows within your heart, illuminating your mind, comforting your emotions, and radiating outward via your every thought, word, and deed into a world in need of love.

 Within each of you exists the energy of the manger and the energy of the Christ light. Within each of you exists the energy of the lamps that burn brightly. Within each of you exists the spark of Divine Love that gives you life!

The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.
-William Butler Yeats

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