Sunday, 8 November 2015

One of my most important lessons in life

As a 23 year-old girl and a university graduate, I came to a point in my life where I had to find a job. I came from a family background that it is very traditional. I finished my journalism degree and this means I had to become a journalist.

 I was never sure enough on what I wanted to become but I chose journalism as a study because it seemed interesting. After I found out how the system works, I didn’t want to do anything with mainstream media because not only I don’t watch TV or read the news to remain in higher vibrations but also I didn’t want to be controlled and trapped into that kind of thinking again. I paid with my blood in order to unbecoming all that and accept myself. I didn't want to take any risks and lose myself again.

In September 2015, I was offered three different jobs.

 A modelling career in France, a journalism job and a singing career. All three made me worry because from 2012 until today, I had an awakening on my purpose on earth and I went through a really difficult training in order to prove to myself and to the angels that I can do it. So now that I had to face the outer world – my manifestations... I was scared.

The whole situation made me nervous. I knew that this happened because I finally managed to apply the law of attraction, but I didn’t know what to choose and if my choice would resonate with my life purpose and soul mission. I was expecting good results for all the things that I’ve managed to do about my inner world, but this was even beyond my expectations.

So I had to calm myself again and go within and ask my angels for help because I was afraid of success and of failure. The angels showed me that there is no need to worry. 
 A synchronicity happened and I saw this video:

Then I had this message from the angelic realm :
 ''You deserve accolades for the mental, spiritual and physical work you have been doing in your life.  You are helping yourself and many others with your current life choices and actions, and you are being commended, encouraged and supported by the angelic and spiritual realms. Continue your great work and shine your light brightly. keep your thoughts positive and optimistic as you undertake an important new role or venture. Your positive energies, intentions and actions will manifest your expected results. Trust your angels to deliver all that you’ll need. We create our own realities with our beliefs, thoughts and actions, so make the choices and take action towards pursuing and living your life authentically. Trust that you have all the abilities within you, and when you take a step towards your true soul purpose, the angels and Universal Energies work with you to find success and fulfilment. '' from:

Then, I came across this video:

Since I started writing this article, many synchronicities have happened. What I understood from the videos and the messages is that I can do many things because I have all those talents. We have more that one talent for a reason!! So what has been manifested was all of my abilities as a SELF.

 My perception was narrow as to weather modeling career is right for me, because I didn’t want to share the wrong message. I kind of felt that it was against my soul purpose, but the angels showed me that my perception had to change. I can use the positive outcome and be my authentic self. I have nothing to fear because I will never do something that goes against my nature. I can use media to spread my message because I can influence more people this way. I don’t have to become a victim of the media like Essena. I have to trust myself and not let fear in. 

I am well balanced and I have a clear vision of how I want my near future to be. With journalism I can share my passion for veganism and healthy lifestyle and with modeling I can become an inspirational figure with class and royalty, to educate young girls on how to respect their bodies and protect their soul. I want to draw their attention to the light. With music I can express my soul. I can influence people who like music and seek for answers or healing. I am a healer, a lightworker and I can express through my talents, my masks and reflections. I am that. You are that too! J Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zones. You are being guided like I am! Pay attention to your intuition!

I have a clearer view now because I had signs from before but I couldn't connect the dods like I do know. A few days ago, I went to an activists' event and I met people, I felt that connection right away! I knew that THESE people are the ones to go along with. They have the same passion that I have about helping the animals and mother earth.

So I say yes to myself, yes to the different expressions of me and I am ready to learn how to do all these J because in this journey called  life, I’m always a student!
Even physics declares our personal experience is profoundly subjective. There are two principle attitudes -- devotion and gnosis. Gnosis is not a philosophy, nor a way to rationally comprehend the world.

The Alchemy of Illumined Thought
‘‘ Martinist and Rosicrucian studies 
serve as tools to remind us or bring us
 back to awareness of the higher aspects of
 our Being. In a time of distress, when we 
consciously make the Rosicrucian sign or
 mentally enfold ourselves in the Martinist 
cloak, we are attuning our consciousness 
with the higher aspect of our Being. This 
shift opens a channel for the higher organising
 and constructive principles of the 
Divine Consciousness to manifest immediately 
in our material reality, bringing order
 and harmony’’ 
Adept Initiates

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Hi everyone, my name is Andriana Papacharalambous. I’m an activist, a freelance journalist-blogger, a lightworker to ascension, a singer, a motivation coach and a model. I have a passion for truth, knowledge, the earth, spirituality, health, getting back to our roots, and embracing our potential and consciousness as a species. I'm a warrior of life and as a lightworker, my mission is to share my knowledge with people who are ready to grow and expand in order to be happy and to remember who they truly are . I see every person as an extension of my family. My vision is to create a better planet for future generations. Did you resonate with this article? If so check out my pages and share the knowledge.