Saturday, 31 October 2015

Ascend | All tribes | New Earth Motivation

This month has been balanced. It included many positive moments and a few negative. Some of my goals have come to fruition and some other situations have remained the same. 

I had the chance to go deeper in me and observe the progress that I've done so far. This time for the first time I experienced the good flow of energy. I had the time to evaluate myself, to heal and correct some details in me in order to attract what was needed. I made peace with myself. Everything paused for a while and I was left completely still in order to find myself again. I’m now ready to create my future self.

There are moments when you think you can’t bare it any longer and you break down, but then after a while, you take a rest while licking your wounds and you have the mood of going deeper in the pain, deeper in you, to find the reason. And that reason is you. You are here to suffer and enjoy the suffering because while you suffer, good things happen as well. 

When you have the filter of the good perspective on, then you experience your reality from a positive view while waiting for the storm to stop without you being affected.

 When you do it the right way for a small period of time (depending on how ready you are and in what level ), then you earn rewards from the universe! 

The universe sees weather or not you have a clear view on life and what your highest excitement is. If you don’t know what you want from your life then what you put out is a question mark and you attract is a mixed up manifestation with many question marks. In other worlds, the universe will get you lost, to make you find your way out.

When you write down your goals, be very specific. The higher you go in consciousness, the more challenging the test becomes. The reward is going to be something from your list (sometimes the universe has a better list for you but this is not always what you expect). In other dimensions of reality, there are different attributes than the ones we have on the earth. For example, water can be hot or cold here, but in other life forms, there is no duality. No good or bad or even time. Things here have flow and senses. That’s why you are here experiencing them. To gain this experience and then go back home. Those of you who follow my posts, already know that by writing down the things you want to attract or become, you activate them in your vortex and by visualising them, you give them momentum that manifests them into your reality. You bring them from the non physical to the physical.

If you don’t know your talents, the universe puts you in situations and the appropriate people to help you find out how multitalented being you are. Even if you believe it’s impossible to have such talents because that’s what your belief system taught you, then the universe shows you that there are also other selves of you that you can access and experience, other possible lifetimes happening at once. By unbecoming everything that you used to know to be you, you see yourself blooming like a flower reaching for the sun.
This month taught me just that. That I don’t have any more time to waste. It’s not easy to pretend that everything is wonderful when it's really is not but this is NOT how you should see it!! Here is the tricky part! No matter what life brings to you, you must have an intention to maintain in positive attitude not just because I said so but because your thoughts words and action influence your reality. The meaning of life it’s in the adaptability. It’s never about what is possible because everything is possible. It’s only a matter of win! You either pass the test or you fail it. You don’t need anyone to tell you anything. You already know.

The beautiful thing about this life is that we live together, we are not alone, we go through the same story together with different people. I’m here writing to you, because you are all I have apart from myself (..hmm but you are myself ). By changing my belief system and decoding myself I help you with your own decoding and it’s such a blessing! Because It’s like a domino effect…you vibrate happiness , you become ‘infectious’ and the person next to you is going to do it and then the next person and then the next person and the next and BOOM *new earth* ! With higher consciousness, ready for another purpose, another journey.

REMEMBER: You just have to make it through the process. I don’t say it’s easy, but know that it’s always possible! Keep pushing! Your goals are closer than you think! You are right there, you only have one move left and then the new you will take over! Don’t give up. Never give up! Keep fighting until there’s in no breath left in your body! Look in the mirror and say I CAN MAKE IT. I WILL MAKE IT. NOTHING WILL STOP ME.

Become the best version of yourself. Even if it doesn’t always feel so positive and so smooth and even if it’s painful, there is a purpose in everything. Don’t doubt yourself! Let your passion be the spark of change that will light up people’s lives. Let it spread. Everything starts from you. From a small leap in faith. When you say I CAN, you are really committing to figuring out the solution. No more excuses, move up the mountain! No more stopping! You go warrior! 

''Ships in harbour are safe, but that's not what ships are built for'' 

- John Shedd

‘‘...She feels no regret or remorse over the past because she is aware that this was her path to awakening...It was necessary to choose her own reflection in the unavailable in order for her love to become available to herself...It was all part of the divine planning of her soul…She has now stepped into her party shoes. She's ready to "live"...To dance to her own tune while dancing with her higher self...Embodying the magic of the ageless medicine woman that she was all along. Freed from the cords and attachments created by her wounds to access the wisdom gifts of her wounds...She has become fully available not just to herself but to the world.’’


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