Tuesday, 29 September 2015

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Hello warriors!

After many synchronicities, after the lunar eclipse and the blood moon, our human nature is starting to fade out have you noticed that? I'm sure that many of you went through a lot of harsh changes. ‘‘The best lesson I've ever learned in life came from the worst feeling I've ever felt in life.’’

I know that I've already said it many times but every time I go through changes in different areas of my life, it's like it happens for the first time. We all go though extreme pain in order to change our mind-set and the way we react to it. 
When pain comes, find a better feeling though and when it comes again any again do the same thing over and over. You'll experience creation. By doing so you'll open up clearer vision and better understanding on where you are heading and what's your soul's mission. You are being guided, open your heart and look for the signs. Be connected to yourself from insight out.

The universe will test you. If you want to be strong, you will have to learn how to fight alone. That's what happened to me. I had to face myself, my deepest shadows and comfort zones and come out of this alive, stronger, ready to share with you what I've learned and get ready for the next test. Throughout this process, I've learned how to destruct myself from negativity and train my mind and body to seek for higher vibes. Alan Watts said: ‘‘you can't get wet from the word 'water'.''
When you are in a situation that you feel sad, lonely, hopeless etc, STOP!! Take deep breaths, observe yourself:
·      You are in a room…are you really in a room?
·      Pause your thoughts and observe yourself as a third person..
·      You are in this situation because there is something you should see. Nothing happens by chance darling!
You chose this because that's how you'll expand! Read my article The language of reflection .

When I feel myself adapting to negative situations and environment, I make some time for myself where I find my balance back. I do this by choosing what feelings or interests make me happy and I act on them. When I feel stuck and depressed I get sick of my attitude and try to shift my perception. I observe my actions and feelings and I choose happiness. For example I like watching inspiring people on YouTube. I get inspiration from them and I get better through my own life journey. I watch vegan people and get inspired by them on how they achieve their dreams by just acting on their highest excitement and I feel so happy for them, they inspire me to make new goals, start new hobbies and find activities to keep me active and fulfilled. What interests you? I always search for videos or music that will help me become a better person and feel good inside and outside.

Make some time for yourself and reflect on your thoughts. Observe the feeling that those beliefs make you feel and if the feeling is sadness or negativity in general, then choose to immediately focus on something equally better feeling thought. Then daydream this thought or goal until you feel its vibration inside your heart. Listen to some upbeat music, dance if you feel like dancing. Sing, move your body, express, shake your world up! Listen to motivational speeches, transform yourself!

Here's my video on how to apply the law of attraction:

There are so many teenagers waking up and they know exactly what to do in order to share their light and awaken those who are ready. They inspire people's spirit and trigger it to expand more into the light. Light expands as you share it. It's our time warriors! Let's lift each other up! Follow your heart! Find your talents and show them to the world! The new earth asks for people who love themselves! 'Infect' the world with your positivity and enthusiasm! Let's do this!!

Papaji, a teacher of Self-enquiry as advocated by Ramana Maharshi, said:

''You are what all happenings happen in.
What happens must happen so remain unaffected as Peace.

Be peaceful and this Peace will spread.

What rises from Peace is Peace and 
what rises from confusion is confusion.

So be Peace and give this to the universe,
it is all you should do.

Even thinking, "I am Peace" disturbs this Peace,
so just be Quiet, be as you are. You are Being, you are not "had been,"
and not "would be," but "Being."

You are the Timelessness in which no death can enter
for where there is no time there is no death.

That Timelessness is Now, and That is Being. 
Being is always shining, I Am is the light of Being.

This diamond cannot hide, and can never be hidden.

When there is no mind the face shines with beauty and innocence.

Just simply be quiet, just be as you are.''

Behind the illusion of the reality, behind the thought, there is silence. This silence is you, yourself. If you manage to train your mind to go in silence and be in the present moment, if you manage be in control of your mind and body, then you'll be ready to receive downloads from another hybrid race.
"You live in illusion and the appearance of things. There is a reality, but you do not know this. When you understand this, you will see that you are nothing. And being nothing, you are everything. That is all." ~Kalu Rinpoche

The following videos will give you important information:

Don't be afraid of change! Have faith in you! You are much more than you think you are!


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