Monday, 24 August 2015

How to Remember the Future

Hello Warriors!

This month I've experienced something very interesting and weird at the same time. I will try to explain it and I hope my english will make sense to you! I feel that words can't really describe the feeling I had but I'm going to try anyway. 

I see my environment and I feel like the people in my reality are just like in a movie. I'm just observing the scenario and it seems like time is slowing down. My surroundings are 'fake' and at the same time they appear to be real because of the software we live in. The feeling is so strong that I'm amazed! The synchronicity I had at the time of the event (03.14), revealed to me that I am starting to remember the future and that I was born here for these transitional times. The angels showed me that I'm a player in a grand experiment and I am a change agent. I'm an emissary of our New Earth.

This happened to me after intense experiences with my family members and my love relationship. It was like I made my human self to do as many things as possible in order to observe the result of my actions and decode the outcome. I began to see my reality in a very different way and I'm really looking forward to see what's coming next. This time though is when my last test is taking place. It's really hard to explain but all that matters for now is that the new earth is real and it's happening now. 

The shift is happening and we are now in the sixth dimension  Those who came to lead must act now and do as many things as possible. There is no time to waste. Take action now for the new earth. Those of you who read this post right now have a lot to offer. Follow your heart. Follow your Bliss. Commit to expressing your fullest potential. Let's unite brothers and sisters. Now it's the time. Re-connect to your inner child—your soul. Express your love, connect to the four elements around you, play and dance in the joy of being alive. This will bring light to the darkest of places. Act on your passion, be creative, share your knowledge! Change your self for the better and be the inspiration and the light for others. People need your help and yes, you were made for this. You are a spiritual warrior.
If you what to know more about how to see the world like I do, then keep on reading :)

Here are some very helpful tips for you:

Make some time for yourself

Find a quiet place in your house or even in nature and try to see thought your heart. Be still and try to feel your existence. Go deeper into silence. Try to reach that feeling you have when you are in deep meditation and go even deeper. Dive into you. Visualise that you are light and feel the light all around you, in every cell of your body, expanding in all directions and up into the universe. Observe. Be the sound around you, be the space. You are that. You are your surroundings. There is no separation. Be conscious of your body. Feel each chakra vibrating. See under the illusion of the reality, the picture. Go into that place where the outside world fades away and the only active organism is you, the whole, the infinite self. Find that state where the outside world is deactivated and the inside of yourself is the only one active, bright like the sun. When you open the eye of your heart and mind, you see that nothing exists yet everything is alive. There is only silence and spaceTry to do this every day for as long as you can. Be present with all your heart. Allow yourself to feel the magic that surrounds you. You breath in magic. You are made of magic and magic is all there is.

Drink water and eat plenty of fruits

Don't forget to drink plenty of water. Water is the key because it's the attribute that connects you to the unseen world. What helped me most to get to that level is my vegan diet. I know many of you who eat animal products will not really understand this but trust me it does made a huge difference to your connection with the higher realms. Try to eat as much fruits possible. Go outside and let father sun to heal you and boost you with magical energies.

Enjoy each day and appreciate even the tiniest detail

My connection is so deep now that I smile even when I see a bug and I try to play with it :) I'm more connected than ever before with mother earth!  All is made out of love and love is the language that all living beings understand. 

oh, and if you are a movie lover, then make sure to watch ** Interstellar ** if you haven't already. It shows the truth about the sixth dimension.

Thank you for your presence beautiful warriors! As soon as I learn more about what's gonna happen next I will update you :) Until then, stay tuned. Follow my pages and share the knowledge! Namaste <3

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