Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Sacred Gift: The Language of Reflection

Hello  warriors!

Many things have happened to me the last couple of months and I finally found my way out, way stronger and wiser! I had to take notes of what I went through, to be able to write this article. Enjoy! :)

I'm sure many of you know by now that some of us are here to help this planet evolve. We choose to be here. Sometimes though it gets difficult  because deep inside we know that there's a lot to go through in order to be able to assist others. We have to be in their position -literally- to gain the knowledge first and then teach what we've learned through the process. This time I experienced too much of everything. I had to step out of comfort zones and that was tiring because the waves of change were coming none stop. As soon as I was finding my breath the next wave was coming and I had to start all over again and so I did. A friend of mine said: ''The warrior's path is wrought with hardship and suffering. It isn't for the faint of heart''. He is so right!

This time stronger than ever before, I allowed the resistance to free me. What happened to me according to Bashar was ''raw creation'.' I went  from absolute dark to absolute light - exactly just how the new stars are born - .
I now have a clearer view of myself and the world around me as well as this program, this test called: Earth. I can really SEE now and the puzzle has nearly finished for me, or at least I think it has. I realised that when I pray for an answer the answer does come! I was praying for guidance and the guidance was the motivation the motivation itself that passes through me! The angels do help me making me feel stronger, boosting my inspiration not by just giving me a sign but by actually placing me there to experience it and making me discover the magic in the process through my divine path . I thought I had to deny my path in order to find it. But I can't escape from myself. It's always there and everything exists in the vibrational field of me :) I just have to be in that place constantly! 

I was alone, but it felt like there was two of me. One being the thoughts and the other being the listener.
The question kept arising, “aren’t I just one person?”
It was through this self-actualization that I started to become aware of my thoughts as soon as they arose, once this happened I was no longer my thought, but I was the observer.
I only became my thoughts when I attached to them. BOOM! My life was transformed.

Today, I had another insight and when I started connecting the dods, the synchronicity of time was 2:22, 03:03, 03:14 and 3:33. What I realised was that when you place  two people together, you put together two reflections. Because people are reflections of yourself your true self, the source self and the two pieces make the one, the whole picture of the divine. Between the reflections there is a hidden energy that flows. An energy that vibrates from the two (that is actually one!) and that energy, is the language of the reflection. The codes that the current reality is made of. 

The way to understand the codes is by learning how to read our energy field, and to connect with our body and inner wisdom. Some crop circles represent just that and they were placed there to guide us and help us understand the changes that are happening and will continue to happen in the 'future'. We must learn how to see-read the line between the two with our heart and connect with that vibrational field in order to create the preferred outcome. As soon as we manage to do that, we will move to the next step, the bigger change. Those who will manage to remember the forgotten language, will move to the new earth. The new era and evolve to the next type of  human, from homo sapiens to homo galacticus. =) watch the video *below* for more!!

When *** this *** happens, humanity will become one with the whole. Learning how to communicate with telepathy and gain the knowledge that was kept hidden for hundred of thousands of years. 

I know, you are looking forward to this but firstly you'll  have to clean your body and mind and learn how to focus, to tune into yourself and be still in the present moment. In the silence you will find yourself. 
When we learn how to read the language of our body (the vibration we emit that is made by our thoughts and emotions) you learn how to play with these energies. That's why you've heard so many people saying 'we are creators', 'we create our reality'.If you need a better understanding of this check my previews article and watch this video.

Here's a tip from Abraham on how to start fixing your human self: 

What happened to me was not a coincidence. Everything happens for a reason and for me this was the reason! To show you the way. :)

When a series of events that are hard to explain leads to a constructive result, we call it coincidence.
Thousands of others have received information in their dreams in some para-normal way when they were in despair or danger or at turning points in their lives. Sleep creates favorable conditions for receiving information from Higher Intelligence as well as meditation and some other plants that cause psychedelic experiences.

The music that helped me travel in the center of my heart was this video: 

Thank you for your presence! Keep on shining :)

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