Monday, 12 January 2015

How to Start Over

Today I'm going to help you cure apathy and boredom.
 Life as we all know, is a complicated journey filled with joy, hardship and everything in between. Every time something bad happens to us, there are two ways to react, 1. to let it destroy us or 2. to observe it and see the reason behind it with an open mind. We determine to what extent situations affect us and how much of a “pick me up” or roadblock they’re going to be, and it’s often the beliefs that come with each experience that play a deciding role. Beliefs that -for the most part -we seem to have widely accepted as a collective.

As we begin a new year, we often set for ourselves -myself included - a series of goals, resolutions and life changes that we would like to accomplish but some of us, get bored after day 3. There are a few reasons why this happens to us. If you are in this kind of prison you can't get out of and you only give promises that never become actions, keep reading.

What is the most important reason that leads to apathy-depression-living death?
If your whole life you were programmed to suppress your emotions or reject them because 
of a past experience that traumatised you, your body changed through time. It started to block certain emotions and day by day you disconnect from your own guiding system. You feel tired, you lack passion, inspiration and enthusiasm. The moment you dissociate from your emotions or you deny them, you can no longer know which way to go. How can you know what is the right thing to do if you don't listen to your emotions?
A person who suffers from apathy, has learned that it is not safe to want. What is the root of apathy then? Why is there the absence of hope?
 Ask yourself: In what ways I was discouraged from people not to do something? That nothing will work, that what I wanted was wrong because others have told me that? How was my childhood?

When you were young and your love for something was discouraged by someone important to you (parent, friend etc) , then a contrast was created within you that still exists. When your positive emotion was considered wrong and your negative emotion was considered wrong as well, you were forced to believe in something else that made no sense to you and you got lost in their game. You couldn't realise that you were living the life of somebody else's needs and you abandoned yourself. Your subconscious mind remembers what happened even if you don't. You keep repeating the same thing over and over again in your adulthood without realising it. You really want to escape from this but you keep failing. Why? This is because we are born trusting the universe completely and we are traumatised into not trusting it because of people's issues.

You try to overcome that by destructing yourself, but your subconscious mind remains the same. You maybe try to suicide, or you develop addictions(and they are many!!).

Here are 10 tips to help you heal yourself and become a better version of you.

1.You have to stop denying your needs. Stop destructing yourself. When feel tempted to destruct yourself, observe you instead and pay attention to the feeling that you are trying to avoid. That emotion needs love and attention.

2. Deal with your despair and the belief patterns.

3.Get angry, express your anger! Start feeling your emotions. Observe what's happening within your body. Take notes of your feelings,  keep a journal.

4.Start following your positive emotions and take action!! Start trying new things. What interests you? What makes you feel good? You have to realise that by taking action, you change your vibration, therefore you change your beliefs.

5.Don't doubt yourself. Any change, any movement is going to benefit you.  When you start doing things, you will soon find the right path for yourself and your guiding system (higher -self) will be reactivated.
 Click here for inspiration .Shake your life up.

6.Be grateful for the little things. Try to see everything that happens to you in a positive way.You've lost your enthusiasm of life and you have a negative focus. By noticing the good each day, you change your thoughts therefore you change your life. Try affirmations, incantations, EFT and any other technique you prefer. Do research. Stay active.

7.List your good memories. What do you like in them? List what you love now in your life. What are you looking forward to do? Right it down and re-read it every day.

8.Approach the world as a beginner. Start over! Start looking your life as if you have never lived it before. Pretend that you are a space alien and you are on vacation in the planet. What would you appreciate? What would the experience be like for you? What would you want to experience? Then go do those things.

9.Do those things not because I told you so, but because it doesn't matter weather it's gonna work out or not. Anything is better than this living death. You have nothing to lose!

10.Be patient. Don't give up. It's safe to WANT. Follow what you want, follow your expansion. You are here to experience life.

**Read this out loud:
I am here to take my life back. I love myself unconditionally. I chose to let go of the past and become a better version of me. I am capable of anything. Nothing can stop me.

Follow your inner star! 

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